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How To Manage Psoriasis Flare-Ups

As random as a new psoriasis plaque can appear, so can a flare. As I write this, I find myself in a sudden psoriasis flare-up.

You see, I've decided to leave my job and begin my retired days. I've thought about it for the past year - it's quite a big step. I recall the moment I let my HR department know - I felt relieved, but stress took over immediately.

So, what helps me?

Within a few days, my skin was so painful and hard to deal with. It came with no warning and ruined all my plans upcoming plans and my health. Sure, it can be calmed down by treatments but keeping it in check is better.

Over the years, I have found some very helpful tricks to keep my sudden flare-ups in control. And today I will be sharing those tips with you. So, if you are dealing with sudden psoriasis flare-ups frequently, keep on reading.

It can come down to food

Let’s talk about food habits. Food management is a big part of psoriasis management. Many foods cause inflammation which can trigger and worsens a sudden psoriasis flare-up. Although there are lists of anti-inflammatory food, I would suggest asking your doctor about what you should and shouldn’t eat.

Once you have found out all the food you shouldn’t eat, make a food list. Stick the list on your refrigerator so it’s never out of your sight. Some common food I avoid is red meat and dairy, my favorites. This was all I wanted. Try to plan your meals and find alternatives.

A healthier lifestyle

Do we want to talk about bad habits? We all know that smoking and alcohol cause terrible psoriasis flare-ups. I had to give them both up. If you enjoy a drink at the end of the day, there is no harm in that, but talk to your doctor. Drinking excessively is not good for your health or your psoriasis.

Smoking has many harmful effects on our bodies. Many people smoke to de-stress but end up causing stress on their bodies. Instead of depending on nicotine, find something else that will help you to achieve the same results. I know easier said than done. I smoked for over 20 years but haven’t had a smoke in 25 years now.

Stress management is a practice

Stress is one of the biggest triggers of a psoriasis flare. While psoriasis can be a huge reason for stress, it can be managed. Start by letting yourself know that psoriasis is not something to feel ashamed of. You should be in love with your skin no matter the situation.

For me, the best way to deal with stress is through meditation. Yoga and meditation are equally calming and helpful for managing stress. Make the time to invest in your hobbies. Practicing the things that bring you happiness will help you to de-stress at the end of a very hectic day. For me, just taking a 20-minute walk, helps me.

Treat your whole self

Sudden weight gain can cause a flare-up. Always keep your weight in check. Do light exercise every day or just walk around a little. Working out will make you feel good and help you to de-stress in a healthy way as well.

Most people with psoriasis suffer from vitamin D deficiency. But to treat this, you don’t need any supplements. Spending a few minutes in the sun will help you with this. I love the sun but have been taking vitamin D for as long as I can remember. It’s been like this for several decades now.

We're worth investing in

Psoriasis flare-ups are not easy to deal with. We are human, so it’s hard to follow all these things all the time. Practice self-compassion and let go of the little things.

I hope these five steps will help keep your psoriasis in control as much as possible. I would recommend you do at least one of them every day. Remember, you are investing in your health and happiness. Happy retirement to me!

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