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Tips for Managing Genital Psoriasis

Genital psoriasis is a reality and it's nothing to be ashamed of. Having a chronic skin condition is a pretty painful reality - and doesn't avoid any specific area of skin - this includes the genitals.

In any case, you must know how to manage it! Genital psoriasis includes exactly where you may think - it covers attacks the areas of your skin around your upper thighs and pubic area as well as the crease between your thighs and groin as well as your buttocks. It can be very painful.

The start of symptoms

In these areas, psoriasis can form smooth and bright red or purplish patches. The difference is that in these areas, the patches do not have plaques on them.

However, genital psoriasis can be considered more serious because it spreads in sensitive areas and causes an increase in pain and discomfort. It can be present in a few different ways. Be cautious if you develop any of the following symptoms below:

  • Severe itching in the genitals and area of skin surrounding genitals.
  • Excessive sweating and itching with increased heat and friction may develop an intense burning feeling.
  • The itching and burning in this area are extremely painful that will make movement painful.

If you experience the above-mentioned symptoms, monitor them. Restrict your movements and activity for a few days as it can make it worse.

A few tips that may help...

I'm happy to share some simple tips to reduce the pain and symptoms. Before diving in, it's important that if you feel like your symptoms are extremely worsening, consult your doctor. They are the experts that can help you immediately.

Moisturize, of course.

Especially on sensitive parts of your body, always apply fragrance-free and alcohol-free products to the skin. When it comes to clothing, avoid wearing tight-fitted clothing as it may irritate and worsen the skin. Make sure to wear loose-fitting clothes, especially your underwear. 

If you have genital sores, avoid using antibacterial soaps. You can try using a gentle and fragrance-free cleanser for washing the pubic area.

Bathroom trips

Use soft toilet paper and wipe very gently. To ease a bowel movement and make the process of defecation less painful, eat a diet rich in fiber content.

Soothing options

Another tip that might help is to apply cool compresses in dry or patchy areas. My go-to has always been Vaseline. It soothes the area.

A look at treatment options...

Important to mention again, if your inverse psoriasis worsens in the genital areas, immediately contact your doctor, and get appropriate treatment!

Other treatments to manage the symptoms of genital psoriasis include steroids and vitamin D creams. Ultraviolet treatments have also been used with patients to deal with genital symptoms of psoriasis. However, any medical treatment can only be taken or prescribed by a doctor.

I know this is easier said than done, but don’t scratch. It just makes the area so much worst.

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