The Ultimate Guide to World Psoriasis Day: 11 Ways to Take Action

Last updated: October 2019

October 29 is World Psoriasis Day. Although we need to push for awareness 365 days a year, this is our one day to shine and to demand the attention of the entire world about what it means to live with this disease.

The National Psoriasis Foundation is asking everyone to take at least one action during the week of October 22 leading up to World Psoriasis Day. I've also included some tweets, Facebook statuses, and Instagram posts you can copy and paste for your personal pages! Feel free to change some of the wording and use this information all year round. Check out some ways you can participate!

Become a Citizen Pscientist

Living with psoriasis automatically makes you an expert for the disease. You know first hand how it affects your quality of life, mental and emotional health. The Citizen Pscientist platform allows people living with psoriatic disease to do online research by answering a series of questions about living with the disease. You can then compare and explore results with others like you from all over the world. How many people experience their psoriasis worsening in the winter? What is the average age of onset for the disease and what do those people have in common, strep throat? These can all be analyzed by becoming a Citizen Pscientist.

Participate in an Team NPF Event

The National Psoriasis is on a mission to raise awareness and funds for those living with psoriatic disease, but they can't do it without you! There are many ways you can get involved and join a team. The NPF has walks, cycling events, webinars, do-it-yourself, bingo and much more for those who are looking to become inspired and involved. This is also a great way to meet others living with the disease.

Join the Corrona Registry

Are you at least 18, been diagnosed with psoriasis by a dermatologist, and have started a biologic in the last year? Then you can become a part of this registry! You will be provided a list of questions to answer every 6 months about the status of your disease. The purpose of the registry is to track those living with psoriasis to help doctors provide better and improved care for those living with the disease. This is not an overnight process and the community needs all the help it can get in this area.

Design a new treatment strategy

An effective treatment plan starts with YOU. Have you ever been dissatisfied with a treatment because in your opinion it didn't work fast enough or came with too many side effects? The National Psoriasis Foundation is encouraging everyone to design a treatment strategy that caters to your specific needs and goals.

Improve your personal health

What is a better way to be an example of others than to practice what you preach? For psoriasis action week I encourage you to change a bad habit or add a new habit to your daily lifestyle. The National Psoriasis Foundation suggests improving your diet, getting more rest, exercising, and talking about your disease with others. Which one will you commit to?

Other ways to get involved in Psoriasis Action Week

  • Advocate for access to care
  • Follow influencers and organizations that carter to psoriasis
  • Attend a live health event and ask questions to the guest
  • Learn about new treatment options
  • Write a blog post
  • Raise awareness on social media

To see the full list of actions, click here.


Join @npf for a weekend of action this #WorldPsoriasisDay and support 125M people living with #psoriasis and #psa!

This #WorldPsoriasisDay @NPF invites you to participate in a weekend of action! Visit to build your action plan!


Join @National.Psoriasis.Foundation for a weekend of action this World Psoriasis Day and support the 125 million people living with psoriasis! This year, I plan to [INSERT ACTION]! Learn more at

World Psoriasis Day is approaching and I'm taking Action. Join the @National.Psoriasis.Foundation and myself to help raise awareness for psoriasis by committing to an action which can be found here: Which one are you committing to?

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