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Psoriasis Scenarios 2! What Would You Do?

Last updated: April 2019

When you live with a visible disease like psoriasis there are times you will run into some interesting scenarios, some you can manage and other’s that catch you off guard. Some situations call you to be quick on your toes with a response while others require more thought. Throughout the years of my advocacy, I have had the opportunity to converse with hundreds of people with psoriasis, all who have a different story to tell. Check out these 3 psoriasis scenarios and pick what you would do! Also after you check these out take a look at Psoriasis Scenarios 1!

Scenario 1: Living with roommates

You are living in a college dorm and have to share the restroom with 5 other women. At this point, your psoriasis is at its worse and you just can’t keep the flakes from falling, your dead skin is everywhere. None of your suitemates know about your condition. One day while you are in your room getting dressed, you here one of your suitemates yelling, as you listen in you hear her say, “Where are all these flakes coming from on the toilet? Does someone have flakes on their butt? This is gross!” What would you do?

A. Come out your room and explain you have psoriasis and tell her where the flakes are coming from.

B. Not say anything at all but be more conscious of making sure you aren’t “leaving yourself behind,” by cleaning up extra well every time you use the bathroom.

C. Not say anything but leave pamphlets about psoriasis in a common area.

D. Other

This actually happened to me and it was SO embarrassing. I actually thought I was doing a good job by cleaning up behind myself. At this time my psoriasis was very bad which included itchy, flaky, dry skin. In my situation, I choose option B!

Scenario 2: Work part dilemma

It’s the middle of summer and your boss is having a rooftop pool party. You are up for a promotion and you know going to this party and hanging with your boss would really help increase your chances of landing the new gig. The catch is, you are having a really bad psoriasis flare. None of your coworkers know about your disease and you are honestly not sure if you want to attend the event. What would you do?

A. Go to the event and flaunt your psoriasis without a care in the world.

B. Don’t attend and tell your boss it’s due to your psoriasis.

C. Go, but wear street clothes the entire time and remain covered.

D. Other

In the past, I would have gone for C. But at times I feel as though I received more questions about why I had on a bunch of clothes in 80-degree weather, than I would have received had I just flaunted my skin.

Scenario 3: Dealing with advice givers

You are at work in the breakroom preparing for lunch. You have on a short sleeve shirt, and your psoriasis plaques are quite visible. Most people at the job know you have the disease and no one says too much about it. One of your new co-workers walks in and notices your plaques. She pulls you to the side and explains that you don’t have to live with the condition and gives you a list of natural products you should try which she says, “will help clear your condition right up.” She also states you need to meditate more. What would you do?

A. Simply thank her for the advice.

B. Tell her you have psoriasis and explain the components of the disease.

C. Explain to her that you don’t appreciate her suggestions and everyone’s psoriasis is different.

D. Other

At some point, I have done every option listed. This is probably the most common scenario I face on a day to day bases with people who don’t have the disease. It is important for people to know that this disease isn't just skin deep it has to do with the immune system and it is not as simple as eating healthier.

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