Psoriasis Is My Full-time Job

Little did I know being a psoriasis patient would be my real job. It demands 24 hours of my time every day. I have to see my rheumatologist every few weeks to make sure my treatment is working. I have to see my dermatologists every 3 months for shots. Sometimes the joint pain and swelling can be too much; but I notice that taking my medication everyday helps with my symptoms.

The morning routine

Taking a shower is challenging. I have heard people with psoriasis say that taking a shower everyday will take out vital nutrients and oils from the body. For me, I feel it helps to descale and make me feel better. I am so stiff in the morning and I notice that the hot water helps. I next have to get all my care products together. What I mean by care products is the things I need for the day to make sure I'm comfortable throughout the day. It could be my painkillers, creams, sprays or moisturizers.

Each morning I must check what the weather is going to be like outside. Oh, yes I must dress according to the weather that day and how much pain I am in and how my skin feels. Some clothes can irritate and make me itch, which can be painful. If it’s hot out I try and find light fabrics that make me feel cool. I don’t completely cover up any more like I used too.

Maintaining healthy habits

There is no scientific fact that certain foods can impact your psoriasis. I just know that certain things can cause me to itch and have a flare. I try and pack healthy foods for the day. It might not help my psoriasis, but it can help with my weight and lower my risk of other diseases such as diabetes and heart disease. See my job is not as simple as getting up, showering and getting out the door. I'm always thinking outside the box.

Along with psoriatic arthritis I really can't endure a lot of unnecessary pain. As much as I dread going to the dentist I know our teeth and gums must be healthy when you have psoriasis. We can easily get infections which would complicate our disease further.

Although there are many days I feel very fatigued, I continue to hold down a full time job. Having this chronic disease only makes my daily work harder.

I used to have very bad scalp psoriasis; so there would always be flakes everywhere. Wearing the right color clothes is always a chore. Some things I would suggest is to drink plenty of water, wash your hair regularly, and don’t scratch.

Learning to manage

I put in a lot of hours on my full time job as a psoriasis patient. It can get to be overwhelming. Sometimes just day to day activities can change our bodies. Something as simple as a cold can have us flat on our backs for weeks. I believe everyone handles things differently. What might work for somebody else may not work for you or me. What may bring a flare on for me - might not bring a flare for someone else.

Psoriasis will be a lifelong job for me; new challenges, new symptoms, new doctors and new medications. Try and find joy in your job and within yourself; keep positive thoughts as much as possible. It’s just like the world of employment for millions - we do our job, then we go home and rest. Oh yes, I do get breaks every now and then, but one thing I rarely do is take a vacation from my full time job of being a psoriasis patient.

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