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I was recently asked if I ever used an app as a means of tracking my psoriasis symptoms. Maybe you are like me and never thought about if such an app exists. Since nowadays everyone has a cell phone and the big push is apps, it got me wondering if there were such apps that helped you manage life with psoriasis.

Understanding apps for psoriasis

I would assume I was not asked that question as a joke or something. It only took me putting "psoriasis app" in my app store on my phone for a list of apps to quickly show up. Now while I cannot list them all here, I thought I would list a few and their description just to get you started in case you are interested.

Kopa For Psoriasis

If you are on Facebook much then you have probably seen this advertised quite a bit. It is rated as 4.4 stars. It provides a way for you to connect to a community of others dealing with psoriasis. Provided in the app are resources also connected to psoriasis to help everyone. With 50,000 downloads so far it is available for Android as well.

Psoriasis Monitor

Also available on Android, Psoriasis Monitor has a 4.4 rating. This app allows you to track and monitor your psoriasis condition. Designed by doctors this app allows you to track any type of flare-ups as well as tracking any other issues. By taking photos using this app it allows you to show your doctor exactly what has been going on. With only 1,000 downloads it is a fairly new app. However, the reviews are outstanding. I can see this being an app that I will definitely download.

Psoriasis App/Sorea

If you are looking for a holistic approach to managing your psoriasis then this app is definitely for you. The rating for this app is 4.8, which is pretty outstanding. The coolest feature of this app to me is the fact that someone dealing with psoriasis and even their family will receive information on how to better care for their well-being. It can help you to track triggers which are normally hard to do. By taking photos and documenting what caused the flare it can help you to identify those triggers.

Psoriasis Support

Psoriasis Support provides social networking for those living with psoriasis. The reviews on this app are mixed with it having a 3.8 rating. Are you looking to connect with others living close to you? This is the app for you. It will show you people living close by.

Natural Treatment For Psoriasis

I bet this one got your attention if you are looking for natural ways to treat your psoriasis. Overall it has a 4.0 rating. It provides safe natural treatments that you can use. Knowing that a lot of you would rather treat your psoriasis naturally than trying a biologic makes this app a good one to check out.

What app are you using?

There are so many more apps for psoriasis that I did not list. A quick search in the Play or App Store on your phone will bring up all that is available. I will say that I did a search about each of the ones I listed on my laptop. Sometimes the app description on the phone did not provide all relevant information.

Maybe you have heard of these apps and are already using them. If so would you please comment on this article so others will know what you like about it? Are you using a different app for your psoriasis that is not listed here? If so comment on it as well so others will learn about it. Hopefully, you find this list helpful.

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