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Last updated: May 2018

Trying to track your symptoms, or maybe you are looking for a way to log what triggers your psoriasis? Maybe you need something that helps with medication management or helps you live a healthier lifestyle? Maybe you want a way to capture or log information for your appointments with your healthcare professional. No matter what it is you need to do there is probably an app that has been developed to help you! A look at several different apps that were developed specifically with psoriasis in mind or other apps that may not have been developed specifically for psoriasis but can be helpful to those living with psoriasis.

American Academy of Dermatology Psoriasis App

If you have interest in the specific clinical recommendations for all available therapies for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis this is the app for you. The AAD's clinical guidelines are available on the app as well as clinically accurate information about how psoriasis is diagnosed and the differences between psoriasis and other skin conditions.

Skin Tracker

While this app is not specific to psoriasis the Skin Tracker app can be helpful for those living with psoriasis. The app was created to track a variety of dermatology conditions. The app allows those with psoriasis to easily track their diet, medications, how they are feeling on a particular day, stress levels and other things that could trigger psoriasis flares. The app also has a feature where the user can take photos of the areas of the body that are impacted by psoriasis and track how the area changes over time based on treatments that the individual is trying. Any information put into the app can be downloaded and shared with a medical professional.


For those who have psoriasis as well as psoriatic arthritis, they may find this app helpful for tracking and managing pain. The app is like having a daily digital journal and allows you to easily upload to your journal information about where the pain is happening and the level of pain you are experiencing. You can also include information such as medications you may be taking and how those impact your pain levels, things that may have happened that day that impact your pain such as stress, weather or fatigue.


For those taking a medication that requires an injection, this app can be great for tracking injections, setting reminders and has a note feature to remind you of which area you last administered an injection, so you don't stick the same area too often causing additional discomfort or pain.

My Therapy

The MyTherapy app was created to help those with chronic health conditions and so may be of interest to those with psoriasis. The app works as a health journal where the individual can track various aspects of managing and living with psoriasis such as taking medications and tracking flares. You can also track patterns, such as seeing the frequency or duration of flares. The app allows you to print information from the app so you can bring it to your next doctor's appointment.


This app is good for helping patients who are taking one or more medications track and set reminders. The app will visually depict a prescription countdown of the quantity of the medication remaining as the medication reminder is marked "taken" by the patient.

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