3 Apps Designed with Psoriasis in Mind

Last updated: October 2022

Learn how to keep track of your disease, quality of life, and find support with these phone apps dedicated to those who have psoriasis. Are there any apps that you use for your condition that aren't on this list? Check out our Facebook page and share your favorite apps for those with psoriasis!


This is one of the newest apps on the markets for those with psoriasis. The creator of the app is The Happiness Research Institute! Their goal is to learn more about what makes people happy in regards to quality of life. They have designed an app specifically for those with psoriasis to understand the relationship between happiness and quality of life for those with a condition of the skin. The app provides weekly questions related to you and your happiness, it also asks what influenced these feelings for the week. Over time you can see your answers in a chart and you can compare them with people around the world. The goal of this app is to collect data from those with psoriasis to help find ways to improve the satisfaction of life for those with skin diseases. Features include:

  • Weekly Survey's
  • Comparable data with others from around the world
  • Tips on how to manage psoriasis
  • Articles and Videos on psoriasis

Download the app here.

My Psoriasis Team

This app is a social network dedicated to help those with psoriasis tell their story and connect with others who have the condition. When you first log on to your account the app will ask "How was your day today." Here you can be honest about exactly how you are feeling with others who will understand and relate to your life with psoriasis. You can also share pictures of your condition, ask others questions about treatment, and much more. Another cool feature I love about the app is you can search for people in your area who have psoriasis. Features:

  • Connect with others who have psoriasis.
  • Share pictures of your disease without judgement.
  • Receive advice from others who have psoriasis.
  • Locate dermatologist in your area.

Learn more about the app!

My Pso by Quality Care

This app will help you to keep track of your disease symptoms, your feelings, and help you to keep track of your medication. This app allows you to keep track of your disease symptoms which include pain, itching, scaling, and flaking. It also allows you to keep track of social discomfort, stress, and possible triggers. As the weeks and days go on you can look over your answers in a graph which allows you to see a full picture of how you are coping and managing your disease overtime. What I love most about this app is you can take the information you have and share it with your doctor to talk about emotional health and discuss the progress of your disease with different treatments. Features:

  • Track Symptoms
  • Compare your data with others who have psoriasis
  • Learn  triggers
  • The ability to keep track of condition with pictures of your disease every week
  • The ability to share organized information about your health on your doctor's appointment

Check out the app!

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