Taming the Beast - Psoriasis Pain Management

When you suffer from psoriasis pain can come in many forms. It can be the debilitating pain of psoriatic arthritis or it can be pain related to an outbreak. If your skin becomes too dry then the cracking of your skin can be like rubbing rocks on you. Bleeding is also associated with dry, cracked skin which is both irritating and embarrassing. Your joints hurt, throbbing headaches and at times the pain from inflammation can be unbearable.

Pain from unexpected places

Sometimes the simplest things like your bed can be your worst enemy. For most people, their bed is a safe haven, a place for comfort and relaxation. A person’s bed is very important. It can be the difference between a good night’s sleep and a night with no sleep. Sleep is a key factor in health and wellbeing for everyone but especially important for someone suffering from psoriasis. Our bodies heal, regenerate and rest while we sleep. Sleepless nights add stress, fatigue and irritability to your already cumbersome day. Which brings me to my first point about pain control and psoriasis. Invest in a great bed; this was the best money I have ever spent. Not just a good bed but a great bed. Research, test and try out beds until you’re satisfied you have found one that provides the comfort and support your aching body needs. Save money, finance and put it on layaway but whatever you do make it a point to purchase a good bed. I did.

Keep on moving

Another very important factor to always consider is being active. You don’t necessarily have to run marathons. If you don’t keep your body active, then it will activate a vicious cycle of pain increasing as your body movement’s decrease. If your pain is severe start with something low impact like swimming, Tai Chi, yoga or a stationary bike. Exercising boosts your immune system and since this is an auto-immune disease, keeping healthy is critical. Maintaining a healthy weight is also important because extra weight can be added pain for already sore joints.

Lather up

I have so many bottles of topical pain and inflammation OTC products. Moisturizing creams, emollients, and coal tar products are great for treating flare-ups on the skin or scalp. Apply your lotions, oils or ointments and then wrap up your feet or hands. You can use socks, gloves or occlusion bags. Anti-inflammatory tablets or steroid creams are always good for fighting inflammation.

Shower routines

A more relaxing approach to pain control is to skip showers and indulge in a warm soak. Soaking in a tub is very good way to ease inflammation, soften and remove scales and just simply unwind. It’s a soothing method to decrease stress and increase relief. Add your favorite moisturizing oils to your bath.

Lastly one of the more painful parts of psoriasis is psoriatic arthritis. Getting a good heating pad can be a lifesaver at times. It sounds so basic but it works.

The best thing you can do for yourself to help manage pain from psoriasis is to stay positive. Knowing you’ll have bad days, good days and worse days is part of overcoming this disease. Preparing yourself mentally is half the battle. Pain control and management starts in the mind. The journey you take is entirely up to you. Love yourself, don’t let pain beat you down, don’t get stressed out and just breathe.

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