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Psoriasis Journey: Those Who Paved the Way for Us

Last updated: November 2020

Last night, was another sleepless night in the city. I spent some time online chatting with some people who are going through the same issues.

Psoriasis and all that it comes with, when I was done, I felt so much better just a little lighter in my heart. I could not help but be grateful for the times that we live in. Times where we could connect with people anywhere in the world at any time of day or night.

Finding support for psoriasis

I can only imagine, back in the day, how hard it must have been to find support for psoriasis. Not just mental and emotional support, I mean we know how important that is. Can you imagine for one moment how hard it must have been to get doctors that could treat you and assist you with your needs?

The challenges that must have been faced when there was so little known about the disease as a whole. If we are still today in our times treated differently in many places. I shudder to think what it was like then.

The journey to diagnosis

Often when I speak to people who are in an older generation, they tell stories of how they had psoriasis in one way or another from the age of 9 or 10 and were only diagnosed 10 – 30 years later. Can you imagine the confusion and frustration that must have gone part and parcel with that?

The limited treatments that were available, if you ever got diagnosed correctly. Trying to explain to people in your community that it was indeed not contagious and how you were feeling. My heart sinks when I think of the struggles that they had to make it through. It is humbling, to say the least.

The power in community

Often I think we might take for granted the times we live in, where information is available to most of us at just the touch of a button. There are online communities, web sites, and information hubs, where we can connect and feel less isolated. We can ask for advice and give some too.

When we having a bad day we can get online and have a real grouch about it and you can be guaranteed that someone will know exactly what you are going through. There is something incredibly powerful about people banded together in a common cause.

The progression of treatment

Then we get to where medicine is, research, and people who really just want to help us find a way to feel better. We have come leaps and bounds from where we were five, ten, and twenty years ago. Today on the markets there are hundreds if not thousands of options when it comes to how you want to treat your psoriasis.

From diet changes to topical treatments to systemic and biologic treatments. There are shampoos and medicated soaps soak, and wraps that can offer some level of relief for your symptoms. In truth, we are spoiled for choice. As times go on I do believe that this will only improve.

Respecting the journey

To all of those who paved the way and lay the road open for us, through the trials and hardships. I take my hat off to you. I salute you with the utmost respect for helping us get where we are today, with medicine making changes and people being more accepting.

Hoping that you take full advantage of the resources, support, and medicine available to you. Thank you for what you have endured.

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