Why Holiday Stress Is Bad For Psoriasis

With so much attention on the pandemic, this year, times are certainly different. Most of us are tossing around the idea of should we have those family gatherings as usual or do we stay home. I am no exception to that rule.

The stress of a pandemic

In fact, with this pandemic, I have stayed home far more than I even like because of the possibilities of being exposed. Holidays are meant to be with family. Being isolated in your home is not how one should spend the holidays, at least not for me.

However, as I write this I know at least six people who have been diagnosed with COVID-19. While I am grateful that I was not around any of them it does not help the feeling that this holiday season will be so different. Do we go out to buy our holiday gifts? Do we order them online and risk the fact they may be late?

Seeing an increase

Once again the state I live in is seeing a jump in COVID-19 cases. We were at stage three but as of last week, our Governor has moved us back to stage two. With us just completing one holiday and another holiday fast approaching there is little doubt that the numbers will continue to increase.

For this reason, it is a stressful time to be trying to make plans. I have a granddaughter that just turned one. Even though she won't remember it, I can't help but feel missing a single holiday with her and her parents would be heartbreaking.

I could make it easy on myself and just ship their presents to them. Somehow that just does not feel like a holiday to me. Last year, COVID-19 was something happening overseas. This year it is center stage everywhere.

A new meaning to holiday stress

Remember when the stress of the holidays came from other things? Maybe it was the stress of what to cook for the holidays. How about the stress of making sure the house was clean and presentable for your company? Let's not even get me started on what present to buy what person. Geez, that was always a big stress point for me.

Then there was the added stress of traveling from one place to another. Having to choose what family to go to first or even splitting the day to see both families was always a chore. None of that seems even a reality this year as we are being told not to celebrate with family. Do we heed the warnings or go full steam ahead?

The flare stress cycle

We all are aware that stress is a big factor when it comes to having psoriasis. Stress tends to bring on unwanted flares. It can make our psoriasis erupt all over our bodies. There is no way to keep from stressing especially with all that is going on.

I try to live as stress-free as I can but there are just those days that you cannot avoid it no matter what you do. I remember the days of having psoriasis nearly covering my whole body. I do not want to ever experience that again. You know if there was a way to package stress and send it far away, I would gladly do it.

Are you feeling the stress?

So tell me with all this going on and the approaching holidays, do you feel like me? Are you experiencing stress that can have an impact on your psoriasis? Have you already made up your mind that you will be with family no matter what?

Have you already made up your mind it will be home and no where else for the holidays? Sometimes just being around family can bring on a stress all its own. Whichever you choose to do I wish you a healthy and stress-free holiday filled with everything you want.

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