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De-Stressing When Your Stressed

Last updated: September 2019

One of the many things you learn when you have psoriasis is that psoriasis can flare. There are many triggers that bring on these flares. Most of us do not know all of our triggers. Some of the triggers can be certain foods you eat or even the alcohol you drink. However, we all have one common trigger. That trigger is stress.

The connection between stress and psoriasis

Stress is a six-letter word that can have a huge impact on your body. It affects almost every area of your body which is why it is no wonder that it can and will cause your psoriasis to flare. The timeless saying everyone hears or says is to try to stay stress-free but in the busy world we live in today makes it almost impossible to not get stressed. As I sit here at the hospital writing this and waiting on a close friend to get out of surgery, I can feel the stress level rise. That got me thinking of the techniques that I usually try to de-stress when I am sitting at a place I can't leave from. Below are some of my favorite techniques to try to de-stress.

Listen to music

One of the things I learned is that music is a great stress reliever for me. It was before psoriasis started and has become even more so since having psoriasis. I can put my headphones on and block out the world if only for a short time. I usually try laying down with my headphones on. I turn out the lights so there is nothing drawing my attention to it. I have a great playlist that it does not matter where it starts up on the playlist I am always good to go with what comes on. With the music playing, I close my eyes to let the music take me away. I clear my mind of everything except the music. I usually sing along with it. By singing the lyrics I am concentrating on the words instead of everything else from the day that has become so jumbled up in my head. Other times I just close my eyes and just listen to the words of each song. Today is one of those days when I definitely have my earbuds in my purse within reach.

Parking at the lake

For some reason, I have always found sitting on the edge of the water at a lake peaceful. I love to sit and watch the waves come in from a boat passing by. I am also fascinated watching little brim or shiners swimming about close to the shore. I can lose myself in it all. After all, isn't that what it is all about? Getting out of my mind even for a few minutes a day to let that stress level go down to try to make sure my psoriasis doesn't flare.

Talking to a friend

I am truly lucky that I have good friends I can reach out to when life gets crazy. They listen as I vent about all the things causing me stress. Sometimes they offer advice. Other times it is just enough for them to listen. There is just something about having someone listen to you when you are feeling so stressed out. I am so grateful for the ones I know are there for me no matter the time or the day. They have talked me through many stressful situations which have been numerous in dealing with psoriasis. Then again there have been numerous stress-related situations without even adding psoriasis to it.

The need to de-stress is real

These are three main ways that I de-stress. I have more but these are my top three. Everyone has different ways of accomplishing the same target goal of relieving the stress that can build up when life gets too hectic. Whether it be the same as my techniques of listening to music or sitting by a lake, the overall benefits of letting that negative stress go is always helpful. I would love to hear from you about ways you like to de-stress. By sharing your tips it gives myself and others new techniques to try that we have not tried. It becomes a win-win for everyone who needs to de-stress.

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