I Need Shade

I begin my story telling that the sun will soon be shining very bright.This can be a good thing and it can also be a bad thing. We know that the UVA rays are good for our skin. However, we must be very careful about our skin getting sunburned. After all, I don't want to roast like a chicken.

I remember so well, one very hot day. I know the temperature was well over 100 degrees. I could see the heat rising from the black highway asphalt. I know that's hot. I was doing a community flea market. I began to get very dizzy and felt very dehydrated. My skin began to actually form very small blisters. I looked to the left and to the right. I saw this big huge tree and all I could think about was shade. I needed to get out of the direct sun and seek shade.

Feeling the effects of the sun

I made it to the tree and just sat for a while and drank water. As I moved my old lawn chair into the shade I started feeling less dizzy, less confused. I took my hands and begin to touch my plaque psoriasis and I know they were very hot. I learned from this very scary experience. Run for the shade. When our bodies get too much of anything, it's not good. I think about the tanning booths they treat psoriasis patients with. They even have a certain amount of time they leave you in them. They know you would burn very bad. I'm grateful that the sun is natural and there is nothing artificial.

I remember one of the ladies telling me I had on too many clothes for this hot day. She actually gave me a short sleeve shirt. I didn’t know what to do. She saw I was scared and told me it would all be ok. She said we know you have psoriasis.

Balancing sun exposure

The natural sun helps with our skin; I have always been told that the sun is good for my psoriasis. It’s going to be summer pretty soon and the sun will be shining very bright. This can be a good or it can also be a bad thing. We know that the UVA rays are good for our skin. However, we must very careful about our skin getting burned, this has happened to me before.

I think about the light booths they treat psoriasis patients. You have a certain amount of time to be in them. They know you can burn very bad.

The natural sun helps with our vitamin D levels as well. Some people including myself, have a problem with the photosensitivity to direct sun. I get very nauseated being in the direct sunlight for periods at a time. I know some of it is the results of certain medications I take. Even though I love the shade, I still have to protect my skin. I wear dark sunglasses to lessen the photosensitivity of the direct sun rays. My vitamin D levels are always low and I know natural sunlight is what my body craves and need. I just have to be smart with it.

Sun also is great for my psoriatic arthritis. I need it just enough for me to reach the optimal benefit my body needs. This is my shady story because, on this particular day, it was the shade that helped me not to literally pass out. So I would like to suggest to all of us sun lovers, when you feel nauseated, weak, or feel like a fried egg-- get in the shade and you too will be able to tell your shady story.

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