If Psoriasis Was a Person

I know I can’t be the only one who has imagined what psoriasis would be like as a person. What would it be like to have psoriasis as a living breathing human in your life? The more and more I thought about it, the more realistic it became. Before you send me to the insane asylum, read on and see if you also can relate to psoriasis as a person in your own life.

I’ve always pictured it as a “him”. This is probably because I identify with the disease so much and can relate to it so intimately. He is one of those guys you immediately notice when in a room. He looks different from the rest. He commands attention. He is not attractive by any means, but there is such a stark contrast between him and the others that you feel compelled to find out more about him.

Not the nicest dude

At first, he seems innocent enough. In fact, he isn’t too bad of a guy. He comes and goes. Sometimes he sticks around a little too long, but it’s not a big of a deal. The relationship seems easily manageable. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stay that way. After only a little time, he starts hanging around more and more. He becomes an annoyance--a big annoyance.

The more time that goes by, the more you realize that this dude will not take a hint. You try to spend time doing other things, being with other people, but he always invites himself to be there too. You try to let him down easy by saying, “hey man, I think it’s time for us to go our separate ways. It’s not you—it’s me! I want some time to myself. I’m just going through a selfish phase. I’m sure you have better things to do anyways...”

He isn’t so easy to get rid of

So you think to yourself that ignoring him will do the trick. If you just avoid him and pretend he isn’t there, surely he will just eventually go away. You make excuse after excuse of why you can’t pay him any attention. This seems to only ignite his temper. You realize that this guy is more aggressive than you could have ever imagined. He becomes abusive—attacking you physically and emotionally.

You decide it is time for some professional help. A restraining order seems to be the only thing that can suppress him. You are relieved to find that the order puts his relentless presence into remission. It’s wonderful! You get to get back to the life you were used to before you met him. You think to yourself that it is the last you will see of him, and that is A-OK.

Suddenly he breaks back in. He rips through the restraining order and spits on it. You scramble to get another one. This one keeps him away for a little longer, but he seems to always find a way around it. You begin to lose your faith in the orders, but you know there are no other options.

After some time goes by, you get used to the routine of the relationship. You know he will never be truly gone, but you enjoy the time when he is away. When he does comes back, you feel better prepared to deal with him. You have developed some tricks up your sleeve for the complicated relationship. You are able to live your life amidst the ups and downs. You accept that he is a part of your life, but you secretly always hold out hope he will pack his bags for good one day.

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