How Important Is It To Know Other People Living With Psoriasis?

Everyone gets their support in different ways when they have psoriasis. Some may get it from friends, who may or may not have psoriasis, while others may be able to speak openly to family members, who can remind them of their strength and keep them moving forward.

How important, then, is it to know people who have the same condition as you? Can they be an extra layer of support when times are tough?

Finding a community of people

I’d say having friends or simply knowing people who have psoriasis can really help. This community was my first real taste of having a network of people who suffered with the same condition as me. I had read newspaper articles, watched YouTube videos from those who suffered as well as followed the occasional Instagram hashtag or thread on Twitter. But, and it's parent company, Health Union, were my first real avenues into something where a larger number of people told their stories.

I do think joining this website has been a blessing for me. Reading how other people have psoriasis and the daily struggles that involves opened my eyes and helped me to understand how I was dealing with my own condition and the importance of going on.

Whether it’s about mental health, the impact of food or even just day-to-day things like going to work, socialising and doing the washing, there are so many topics you can find information on and people you can ask who will be willing to answer your questions and talk to you.

Other great psoriasis resources

There are some other great resources, too. Dedicated Facebook groups, for example, and forums, where people with psoriasis share their health journeys. It’s so important to get perspective and learn from others.

Away from the digital world, I don’t really have many friends with psoriasis. The odd few I’ve come across over the years, I wasn’t really in a good place to want to talk about what I was going through, which, to some degree, I look back on and wish I did because I think it would have helped.

But I have made strides. Some people have come to me about dealing with their own skin condition, whether that be psoriasis or something else, and it’s made me realize there are lots of people with this condition, other skin ailments, and we are all on our own paths.

Get involved!

What I am trying to say is that get involved, as best you can, with people who have this condition and similar conditions because it will only help you. I document the struggles I have with psoriasis in the hope my words will help someone else. I suffered alone a lot of the time because I never wanted to open up. I guess I wasn’t ready.

But even if you don’t want to talk, check out the fantastic online resources. There are great videos on YouTube, forums and other places where you can get information.

The stuff on this site is fantastic and you can always post a comment and someone will respond. Never feel afraid to vent on here or ask questions, because someone will get back to you and remind you how important you are. Get involved with a psoriasis community today and always be open to learning more about your condition.

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