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Kombucha for Psoriasis

Kombucha for Psoriasis

For the past 55 years I have had psoriasis, so you can only imagine the things people have told me and given to me for free to “cure” my psoriasis. I have received cases of creams, lotions, oils, pills, foods, etc. You name it and I have been given it. I have been told to change my diet (like I haven’t done that.) Psoriasis is a complicated disease with no cure; so most of the time I just want people to go away. In the back of my mind I’m thinking, do you think you’re smarter than my doctor?

As I’ve got older, I have thought twice before passing on a few things. There is no cure, but there are many different things out there that can make you feel better.

Whether you have psoriasis or not Kombucha is something you should consider trying. There are many fads out there nowadays and it can make us skeptical. Try this or try that, it will help. Since psoriasis is internal (even though it manifests on the skin) it makes sense to treat it internally. Good bacteria and antioxidants are ideal for a healthy gut and a healthy gut can most certainly help with psoriasis.

What is Kombucha?

I was introduced to Kombucha a few months ago. It is a fermented tea, which has been around for centuries. In fact, some ancient Chinese manuscripts mention Kombucha as early as 250 BC. Back then, it was called the health and immortality remedy.

Kombucha helps remove excess water from your body and fights swelling. It reduces the appetite and helps improve digestion. It can detoxify your body. You can buy Kombucha in the store or you can make it yourself at home.

Dysbacteriosis is a disease caused by overwhelming amounts of bad bacteria in the stomach. This causes the intestinal walls to thin and allows toxins to enter the body’s system. Kombucha is a natural probiotic that balances the gut microflora. It also reduces inflammation and boosts the immune system, this helps reduce the number of toxins in the body.

How can Kombucha help with psoriasis?

So you’re asking, how does Kombucha specifically help people with psoriasis? Well, it helps keep the gut healthy and this reduces the number of flare-ups. It helps fight inflammation which lowers pain and can make quality of life better. It can boost your mood and reduce cravings for bad foods that can lead to flares.

A type of acid called acetic acid, found in vinegar is produced when prevent infections by killing the bacteria that cause them before they are absorbed by the body. In addition to fighting infection, it reduces cholesterol. Anyone suffering from psoriasis knows heart disease, high blood pressure and cholesterol are a real concern. Kombucha lowers the cholesterol linked to heart disease. It also helps manage type 2 diabetes which is also another concern for people with psoriasis.

Kombucha as an alternative or complement to medications

This is all done naturally without medication. I am not against medication. I’m on lots of them. I have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and borderline diabetes for 10 years now. My last visit to the doctor, my doctor told me my numbers have been the best she has seen in years. I go back to see her in 3 months; if my numbers stay where they are, she will take me off some medications. I will have to be monitor very closely. Was it the tea or was it the medication? I don’t know, but I do know I have proof that I am better.

No, this tea is not a cure, but it has proven benefits. I have these really hard psoriasis patches on my legs that won’t go away; have been there since the beginning of time. One day I noticed they were disappearing. I still can’t believe it.

Why you may not believe the hype, the benefits were substantially proven enough for me to try. If you try it and don’t like it, it’s understandable. Just because it worked for me, doesn’t mean it will work for you. I have been searching for the right product for 55 years; never give up; but don’t knock it, before you try it.

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  • toniie77
    10 months ago

    Great idea. I’ve heard great things about this

  • DianeT author
    10 months ago

    I think you will like it. I was a soda drinker for years. This tea is much better.

  • lisa0909
    1 year ago

    What do you use brand ?

  • RebeccaB moderator
    1 year ago

    I like Kevita! You can usually find it in the refrigerated drink section.

  • DianeT author
    1 year ago

    I actually tried that one to Rebecca. It wasn’t bad at all.

  • DianeT author
    1 year ago

    Pink lady apple Kombucha is really good.

  • CathyD moderator
    1 year ago

    Diane, that sounds SO tasty! I wonder if I can find some here in the UK… Pink lady apples are my favourite!

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