Misconceptions After Finding a Successful Treatment

Up until 4 years ago, I didn't know what it meant to not have psoriasis. I had been covered with the disease on over 90% of my body since 7 years old. I have lived with psoriasis more than I have lived without it. All I knew was a life with psoriasis. I always wondered what life would be like with clear skin. There was a time I asked, would I died without knowing what it felt like for raindrops to hit the bare surface of my skin? Would I die without knowing what it felt like to go to a pool and not have everyone staring at you in curiosity or disgust of what is going on with my skin? There are many people who have psoriasis unashamed, who can live freely with or without the disease, but unfortunately, I was not one of them. My disease stopped me from doing a lot, mainly because I hated the stares and questions. Then 4 years ago I found a treatment which was effective. Slowly but surely my spots started to disappear, and one day I woke up to psoriasis free skin. Here are the misconceptions of finding a successful treatment:

People think you no longer have psoriasis

This is the number one misconception of an effective treatment. People assume once you find something that works you no longer have the disease, this is not true. There is no cure for psoriasis, therefore, any effective treatment only suppresses and alleviates symptoms. I still have psoriasis, if I was to stop my treatment I would go back to being 90% covered.

People think you no longer worry about your psoriasis

Every day I live with the fear the treatment for my psoriasis may stop working or I may lose my treatment due to insurance issues. Yes, I have found an effective treatment but I am still plagued by the inconveniences of this condition. I also worry about the mental health challenges I will encounter if I can no longer use my treatment and my psoriasis becomes severe again.

People think because you are successful, they too will be successful

When I share my success of an effective treatment people often ask me how did I do it or what am I using? Most people find hope in the success of others, however, it's important to remember different drugs work for different people. What might work for me may not work for the next person and vice versa. I am constantly reminding people of this so individuals can remain steadfast and avoid discouragement if a particular treatment is ineffective.

I thought I would love myself more

I use to say to think to myself, "If I could just have psoriasis free skin, I would love myself more and find myself way more attractive. I discussed this belief in another article, "6 Things Living with Psoriasis has Taught Me." Once I achieved clear skin it became apparent that my self-esteem issues were much deeper than psoriasis. Even with psoriasis free skin I was still struggling to truly love myself.

What are some misconceived beliefs you have faced after finding an effective treatment?

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