Molting Like A Spider: Finding A Good Skincare Routine

Sometimes, I truly find psoriasis so fascinating, and I am almost sure that mine adapts and evolves. Recently, I was watching a tarantula molt. It is the most fascinating process and I could not help but think about how I do a manual "skin shed" when my plaque psoriasis buildup is very thick. It seems so similar to the molting of these beautiful arachnids.

Making my psoriasis more bearable

Plaque psoriasis causes an overdevelopment of skin cells that my body has no idea how to shed that quickly. They certainly appear faster than they can shed. The build-up leads to a lot of pain and itching. If I pick these lesions without thinking and without doing a manual shed first, my skin gets out of sorts. It gets inflamed and swells and generally just shares its displeasure with the world.

This or That

Do you have a treatment that helps your psoriasis?

Over the years, I have managed to work out ways around most things that are psoriasis related. For the most part, I find ways to reduce pain and make things easier and this was going to be no exception. It has taken trial and error, and through this, I have found a way to help reduce the thickening of my skin. Most importantly, it also removes the build-up and makes my psoriasis more bearable.

My nighttime routine

A soak comes first, a bath is preferable, however, not all of us have bathtubs, so a long shower can also work. If I am having a bath, I add some Epsom salt and bicarbonate to the bath water and stay in for about 20 minutes. In a shower, I make a lather of the same mixture and gently exfoliate my skin. Once I am out of the water, I pat my skin dry softly. Too much will cause my skin to dry out too much which does not help. I have found that using my Dovate cream on damp skin is by far the best way to use it for me. It spreads easier and my skin seems to absorb it better.

I generally do this in the evenings before I go to bed as it helps me not pick at my skin while I am waiting for it to do its thing. After my shower, I make sure to apply my Dovate liberally to all the spots that need it and wear loose-fitting clothing. Before I turn in for the night, I apply another layer of moisturizer, usually, this would be a child's farm sensitive skin or whatever your usual is. From there, it is time to get some sleep and give your skin time to rest and allow the topicals and moisturizer to do its thing.

It's a new dawn

Be prepared to wake up with some messy linen. Early in the morning, we are ready for the last and surely the most satisfying part. By the morning, all of the thick scales have gently released from my body and are ready to be evicted. I am able to just rub my arms and the dead skin cell buildup literally falls off my skin. It is messy and I always have an extra session of moisturizing in the morning.

If I keep this up to once a week during my flare season, I can keep the build-up relatively under control. This is not a recipe that works every time but it does work nine times out of ten.

Do you have a routine that works for you?

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