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Welcome to 2024

Some days as I sit quietly in my home, life ambles along at its own pace. I am astonished at how quickly time is just flying past. I'm unable to decide what seems to create the phenomenon- is it my age? Could it be that the fast-paced world we live in just seems to pass by so quickly? Or is it simply that as we get older, we genuinely become aware of how precious the time we have is? Who knows what the answer is, and maybe the answer is different for each one of us. What do do know, is that 2023 went WHOOOOOOOSH and it was over.

Skin wishes in the new year

My psoriasis has given me all of my days of aggravation in the last year, from a variety of triggers. Usually toward the end of the year, I am well into my yearly remission. Not this year though, my body has clearly not received that memo. While my psoriasis is currently mild, what it lacks in coverage at the moment, it makes up for in ferocity.

My wish for you, as well as myself as we go into another beautiful year, is that there are moments of remission, where the itch subsides. Moments when our psoriasis takes a back seat and we can get on living in peace. Even if only for small moments and pockets in time.

Mental health wishes

I am pleased to say that 2023 was a better year for my mental health. 2022 was one of the roughest years I have had in a while. With many life-altering events, and a near-death experience. A massive psoriasis flare and a lot of loss. So the welcome break in 2023, while it came with its challenges, was an easier year.

Lessons I will take into 2024 concerning my mental health

  • Keep a journal - the good the bad and the ugly, writing down things has become a big part of my process.
  • Make that appointment for your therapy and go.
  • Speak kindly to yourself, both in your head and out loud.
  • Leaving situations for my mental health is okay.
  • It is okay to not be okay, take a step back and rest when you need to.
  • Reach out - someone will be there to take your hand.

A slower pace of life for 2024

More than most things, I want 2024 to be a slower year. More walks and road trips, and time spent with the people I love and care for. Making laughter a priority, even watching a funny movie, if that is the only laughter I can find that day. I want to create more time for the things that I enjoy doing while managing a healthy work and home balance.

Do you make New Year's resolutions? I am not very good at lists, so I keep vague ideas of what I want to do and try and keep the decisions that I make in the year in alignment with that. I know that I need to get better at my skincare routine for my psoriasis, I need to eat better for my heart health, psoriasis, and psoriatic arthritis.

What will you change for your psoriasis in 2024?

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