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Psoriasis On The Nose

I am currently quite lucky with my psoriasis. As patches break down, other ones go and leave me alone. I currently have lesions in my scalp and other parts of the body, but not to a huge extent, and not to the extent that it particularly bothers me.

Have you ever had psoriasis on your nose?

Do you have, or have you ever had, psoriasis on the nose? It can be a particularly annoying place to have it, especially if you wear glasses. I have had psoriasis on the nose before. It started as a small red patch on the tip and gradually worked around my nose and up to the eyebrows.

Why did I find it so frustrating to have it here? Partly because of my glasses. It made it difficult to put on my glasses and to get my glasses to stay in one position as the frame rubbed against the psoriasis. I remember feeling so hopeless at one stage.

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I also partly disliked it because it was so visible. I would spend time scratching the area, which made it worse. Sometimes it would even bleed, making it even more visible and difficult for me.

But I also had comments from other people about it and it made taking photos or socializing that bit harder. I didn’t want to be seen sometimes because it was so visible. I turned down social events and made excuses for plans I wanted to stick to but felt I couldn’t.

You are not alone

If you have psoriasis on the nose, just know that you’re not alone. I have had conversations with other psoriasis sufferers over the years and they too have had it here.

If you do or are worried it might break out on the nose, make sure you let your medical team know. And in the meantime, stock up on good ointments and moisturizers. That will help with the itch and should help reduce any redness.

Having psoriasis on the nose, like anywhere on the face, can take a toll on your mental health. It can make you anxious in social situations and make the day-to-day activities you have to do more difficult.

Don't suffer in silence

As I’ve said, I have had comments from strangers. If you’re finding it difficult because of the psoriasis on your nose, try speaking to a family member or friend about what you’re experiencing. While they may not have your condition, they may be able to provide other ways of looking at it.

Alternatively, speak to a therapist. They will, hopefully, make you see your ailment in a different light.

Whatever you do, don’t suffer in silence with psoriasis on the nose. Communities like these offer such a support and the resources available here can really help if you’re looking for remedies or ways to feel better. They obviously do not replace qualified professionals but the lived experience of other psoriasis sufferers I’ve personally found comforting over the years. And it’s just nice to be able to talk to someone who is in a similar position.

So, whatever you do, please reach out to someone if you’re finding your psoriasis on the nose challenging. There are things that can help.

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