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A profile of a somber-looking black woman with a patch of plaques around her nostrils.

Psoriasis in My Nose

I've had psoriasis for so many years. Any new symptom, location, or trigger can rarely surprise me. If anything, I've learned that psoriasis is unpredictable, and be prepared for anything. Though, if I'm being honest, psoriasis in my nose came as a bit of a surprise.

I've had psoriasis for 18 years. Over that time, I've watched my plaques grow, spread, and experience some version of clearance. It seems now I have a new area to be concerned with - my nose. While I have this new plaque area to deal with, at least it is in a somewhat discreet location.

Better or worse?

Does having psoriasis in a discreet location makes it better? Yes and No. When it comes to psoriasis, we deal with rude comments and ignorant statements all the time. Another lesson psoriasis has given me, is that maybe what people cannot see makes them more comfortable about what they do not understand.

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Comfort is not something we are afforded when living with psoriasis. So having it in a discreet location, no, it doesn't make it better.

What does it feel like?

Without being real descriptive here, I will try to explain how psoriasis in the nose feels. It feels like a sinus infection partnered with flaky congestion. It does not take long before my nose is stopped up making it harder to breathe.

All that congestion is a very uncomfortable feeling. No matter how many times you blow your nose it never comes out. It makes you feel uncomfortable and nothing seems to help.

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Finding ways to relieve the itch

Do you remember being told not to pick your nose? At some point, we were taught and if we have children, we taught them the same. A few months ago I wrote an article about picking at your plaques. I had to admit I have done it.

Having psoriasis in my nose, I can’t help but do the same but with one very important exception. I use a q-tip cotton swab that I wet on one end. It does help to loosen some of the plaques making my nose feel less crowded for lack of better terms.

Feeling like no one "nose"

Psoriasis in the nose is a difficult subject to approach. It is not a subject easily spoken of or even written about. However, one of the things I think is so important is that no one ever feels alone. We all live with psoriasis and it's a difficult disease to live with.

I was self-conscious about my psoriasis before. But suffering from it in my nose? Well, it brought on a whole new realization of life with psoriasis. I keep wondering if anyone can tell it’s there. Am I alone in feeling this way? Right now I feel alone. If you experience this type of psoriasis let’s start a discussion so no one feels alone any more.

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