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A hand holding a peeled plaque.

Peeling Our Psoriasis Flakes

I am curious to know the reaction that prompted you to click on this article? Did the article title invoke a feeling of disgust or were you faced with admitting that indeed, you've done this before. I would understand if it was either of those feelings.

You see, I belong to a social group in which the question "Do you peel your psoriasis flakes?" was asked. It kind of threw me at first. My first thought was "Wow, I cannot believe someone actually asked that question." Then my next thought was "Gross, this isn't usually something that is talked about."

Do you peel your psoriasis plaques?

I have had psoriasis for 17 years. I volunteer for the psoriasis community and have made many friends that I am happy to call my psoriasis family. However, in all the times and all the years, I have been around those people no one ever had the nerve to ask that question.

Do you peel your plaque psoriasis flakes? Wow, what a question. Maybe it is something we all need to talk about.

My own experience

You read that right. Yes, I will admit that I do and have peeled my flakes on many occasions. I never really thought about it being a good or bad thing to do. When my psoriasis started I literally thought I had gotten into some poison ivy.

While trying to treat it I would pick at it. As psoriasis spread over the years, because creams were doing nothing, I continued to peel the flakes. Now all these years later I still pull at them like it is something I should do.

So, what do those living with psoriasis have to say?

So how did other people on the social media group respond to the question of peeling psoriasis flakes? Believe it or not, almost everyone that responded agreed that they have done it also. Of course, most of them also agreed it was not a subject that had never been talked about.

I took that as a challenge to start the conversation. If you do not do it, then, I really commend you for having the control to not do it. Personally, I should have but I do not have that much self-control.

Why peeling our plaques isn't a good idea

The first reason is a good one that makes complete sense. The more you pull those psoriatic flakes the more you are taking a chance on making it bleed. Also by pulling those flakes you are doing more damage to your skin which can cause more psoriasis to appear.

The biggest reason we should not be pulling those flakes is we are risking causing an infection to that site. An infection on top of the psoriasis flakes would be really bad.

Moving on with this touchy subject

For this article, I think it is time to conclude this "touchy" subject. See what I did there? However, I do feel it is something that should be talked about. Some people might truly feel like they are alone in doing this. They may even question if should they be doing it.

If you are not faint of heart, believe it or not, there are actual YouTube videos on peeling psoriasis flakes. I, however, chose not to look at any of them. Let's start a conversation. Let's open up on a subject that is not talked about. Do you or do you not peel your flakes?

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