What Foundations Are Doing for Psoriasis Patients

Foundations are a great place to seek support, confidence, and companionship of other people dealing with different diseases. You'll find organizations out there on the internet just by searching around on your own, but I've decided to take some time to put together a shortlist of some of the known psoriasis organizations out there to get you started on that journey.

Getting involved with one of these organizations gives you loads of added support. Don't just read their web pages, take time to join the cause by teaming up with organizations that support the psoriasis community. You can take an active role in the psoriasis communities listed below by checking calendars on their websites for events to attend and having meaningful conversations.

The National Psoriasis Foundation

The National Psoriasis Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission to find a cure for psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis. They want to improve the lives of people who have this disease. This organization was founded in 1966 from an ad put in a newspaper for someone looking for support.

The National Psoriasis Foundation has by far the most comprehensive support network that I've found on the internet. They offer support for all types of psoriasis. They have several ways of telling you how to get involved. They also have it section off by which area of the country you live in. You'll find the right events for you by going through their site. They have several different things to do but Team NPF seems to be very popular. This program gets you involved by providing exciting ways to have fun and to be part of a psoriasis community. You can do bingo, running, and a lot of other activities that raise funds to bring awareness to this disease.1

Mayo Clinic

This organization is a medical institution that puts all its earnings into getting better medical practice, education and much-needed research. The doctors and staff at Mayo Clinic are experienced in working with all types of psoriasis, and they're working with people of all ages too. They offer treatment options, claiming to have every type of treatment option available.

Mayo has dozens of locations in states across the US, including Arizona, Florida, and Minnesota. Some locations have lodging options for those interested parties who want to live in comfort while receiving treatment at one of their facilities. Information pertaining to associated costs of lodging, travel, and insurance is available through their website.2

Organizations for Canadian Residents

This organization was started by people with psoriasis. They wanted to advocate and get more recognition for this disease. They want people to understand that there are ways to manage their disease. The Canadian Association of Psoriasis Patients links dermatologists in Canada with patients across the country. If you are living in Canada with psoriasis, CAPP is a great place to visit. If you are in Canada, you may benefit from the research and online support available through their website.3

Gain support for your psoriasis

Hopefully, by now you have seen that visiting doctors and taking medicines aren't the only things to help deal with psoriasis. There are many organizations working towards treatments and looking for a cure. We are not alone in this. As with many things in life, we can accomplish more if we work together.

Working with any group might help you gain support to find out what triggers your psoriasis or how to cope with your condition to lead a happy and healthy life. Every day we are trying to change the course of this disease. We need your help. My question to you would be; will you be a part of something?

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