Psoriasis And The pH Scale

The famous and sometimes infamous PH scale. What it has to do with what, I am still trying to figure out properly and in true form-finding what is effective for me, may or may not be effective for someone else.

The psoriasis lifestyle

One day many moons ago, I was strolling through a health shop. A kind lady stopped me and asked about my skin as she had a recommendation. Her words were, “you have too much acid in your body, and we need to chalk you up.” Needless to say, I was curious.

I mean ultimately that is what I was doing wandering down those aisles, looking for some treatment and relief and if I was not willing to look at something new, what would the point be? We sat and spoke a while and I took her advice, made some changes to make it suit my lifestyle and needs.

What is the pH scale?

It is said that autoimmune diseases thrive in an acid environment and that the more acidic the body, the weaker the immune system. Alkalinity helps digest food, it is also said to help improve the respiratory system, immune system, and skin. 

When looking at the PH scale from 1 – 14, the numbers 1- 7 are your acid range, and 8-14 are considered alkaline. Some people will say that 7.45 is ideal, neutral if you will. I find that pushing more towards 8.5 is ideal for me.

Balancing pH levels through my diet

Where was I to start, research is where I always start. I have learned over the years to be careful of unsuspecting foods that send my acid level skyrocketing and to opt rather for the ones that promote alkalinity, especially when it comes to fruits. I found this so interesting. Things like berries I always believed to be alkaline are actually acidic.

However, I believe when you eat them with certain foods they can be neutralized. Mangos I always believed to be acidic, however, I am told that they are alkaline. So I looked at what I was eating made some adjustments and started drinking an alkaline powder. It’s a bit like drinking chalk powder in water, the new ones these days taste much better than back then. My latest is even peach flavored.

How this impacted my health

I was asked a few common questions after a few months of implementing this. The first one was: Did it work? Now the answer for this all depends on what you wanted it to do. Did it take my psoriasis away? The answer is no. It did, however, offer me the following benefits- my skin got less angry, the very deep red slowly became a lighter color and I had a lot less inflammation.

My overall aches and pains seemed a little less sharp and while they were not gone, they certainly were not as bad. I used to get thrush quite often and while this is quite common in women, although it’s not talked about a lot.

The impact of pH on psoriasis

I found that within two weeks there was a significant difference in the severity and regularity of getting thrush “downstairs”. This was truly an added bonus. So overall I still stick to keeping my diet more towards the alkaline than the acid side.

I find it is beneficial for my overall health and I will continue to do this for as long as it works for me. “The microbe is nothing. The terrain is everything.” Louis Pasteur (1822-1895) is purported to have made this statement on his deathbed. I would like to create within my body the ultimate terrain for it to flourish and for all microbes to stifle.

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