Summer Sun and My Skin

Last updated: August 2019

On my last holiday with my daughter, we went to Australia during their summer months. Folks, it is hot and not just a little bit. From my experience, Australia is a beautiful city with magical outskirts and incredibly friendly people. Being so hot we ventured to a water park, it was time to cool down. It is a strange thing that you are so accustomed to dealing with your own people and you know how you will handle any situation thrown at you. In a new country, that changed for me.

Struggling to find a sunscreen for my skin

I am really struggling to find a sunscreen that does not bother my skin. It either makes my skin burn alternatively it gives me the dreaded itches. I have found that opting for kids sunscreen leaves me with a few more choices. I get adequate protection and I also get enough rays on my skin to help kick start the remission. If any of you have alternative ideas, I would love to hear what you use. There are some chemical-free DIY options I have read, I really should give it a go and make one.

Exposing your skin

No matter how confident I have become about my skin, I find swimming pools and water parks rather intimidating. Currently being in a new country and unsure of the people, I found this rather hard to deal with. Feeling so unsure about how they would react. Would the lifeguard ask me not to be in the water due to my skin? I was surprised that people seemed to hardly notice, they went about their day. I sat in the sun while my little girl splashed away until I was expected to go in the water.

Pool chemicals trigger my psoriasis

I waded ankle-deep into the water, I was good. The water was cool and so refreshing on the very hot day. I thought to myself, how wonderful I can get into this water. Usually, by then, I would have left screaming and my skin burning like hellfire. Like the scene from a horror movie, I waded deeper and deeper into the water. I could almost hear the dramatic music in the background which would tell the viewer that whatever is happening is not a good idea. There was a very happy little girl that her mommy is in the water and for a short time we were both cool and feeling wonderful. That did not last long, the stinging started right as I let my guard down. Was it in my head, well I tell you what, in my head or not. It hurt like hell. It must be the chemicals they put in the water to keep it clean. I made my way out the water and much to mine and my daughter’s disappointment. That was the end of that.

The beach is usually a good alternative for me, while the saltwater burns a bit, it surely subsides sooner than when I have been in a normal swimming pool. Saltwater pools are also pretty helpful.

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