The Power Of Positive Thinking With Psoriasis

For the longest time, if someone asked me how I was doing, the answer would always be "tired and sore." Not once or every so often, but all the time. This is just what the reality of my world was.

I had a colic baby who never slept. I was back at work after having my first child, my financial status was dire and my relationship was failing. My skin was horrendous and my body could only dream of sleeping for more than half an hour at a time. It was a really tough time in my life and it went for what felt like forever.

The importance of words

In reality, it was about 2 years, it did not end after that, but things changed and started improving slowly. More sleep, a breakup, and a move with the opportunity to start rebuilding my financial status. What I did find though that when people asked me how I was, the answer was still tired and sore, even when I was having a good day.

"Tired and sore" had become be an automatic response. One day when someone asked me, I had a moment to think before I answered. I decided to change my answer. This was more so that they could not ask me what was wrong, more than anything else.

At the time I just did not have the energy to entertain the conversation. So, I simply replied with "I am okay, thank you." The surprise on their face could not be missed and followed with a quiet: “Really?”  Was I still tired? Oh yes. Was I still sore? Without a doubt. I had felt worse, so no, I was not better, not 100% though. I guess you could say, I was doing better than the last time they had asked.

Words are impactful

This left me thinking about how often we just reply with the same old answer, even if we are having a good day. In my opinion, we forget how important the words we speak are. Words can have a deep impact on ourselves, our minds, and the people around us.

Please do not misunderstand what I am saying, by no means should you say you are okay when you are not. This is even more damaging. Sometimes though we should just stop think and actually recognize how we are feeling.

If we are feeling even slightly better, just change the response to: “I am still sore but I am having a good day today” This can truly have a great impact on how you feel about yourself

Power of positive thinking

Thinking positive or looking for the positive in your day is not going to make any of this go away. It is not going to miraculously heal you. Although I wish it would, that would be pretty convenient.

What it will do though is help you shift your mindset a little. If nothing else in that one moment it will make your day a little easier and a little lighter. It will not send you into a downward spiral. I have since changed the way I respond.

When people now ask how my day at work was? I roll with "productive" instead of "busy". Slowly as I change my words, I hope that my mind will respond accordingly. Choose your words carefully when you talk about yourself. Your subconscious mind does not understand sarcasm and records everything you say about yourself. Eventually, you start believing it. Be kind to yourself.

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