When your tired…. Is tired

As we all know, most of us anyway, fatigue is part and parcel of having psoriatic arthritis and psoriasis. That means we feel tired or exhausted most of the time. We could probably sleep for days if you let us, not that our bodies would allow that.

Physical versus emotional fatigue

Something that I was not so well acquainted with until recently was emotional fatigue. What is emotional fatigue and is it the same as physical fatigue? In my opinion no they are not. They are two totally different things. Physical fatigue is when your body is tired, you want to rest and you crave sleep. That feeling of you just cannot keep your eyes open. No matter how much you do this though, your reserves remain low. You can rest for days if you just think about being busy for a few hours in a row. It will feel like you never rested.

Emotional fatigue, on the other hand, is something totally different for me, it feels like your soul is tired. I have heard it being called emotional exhaustion too. What does this feel like, well now? It feels like you have no strength left in your heart to deal with the things that you need to deal with. More often than not, things you need to deal with on a daily basis that may seem completely overwhelming.

Signs of emotional exhaustion

I never really put the signs together, until I did some reading up and research, you have heard that knowledge is power right. It is true. Things to look out for that when put together, these below might mean that you need a break. Your heart and soul might require of you to be somewhere peaceful and just reconnect with yourself.

Lack of motivation and the feeling of hopelessness

Now, I don’t mean motivation to get up and go grab the world by its horns. I mean the motivation to get up and take a shower, to make dinner or eat at all. The drive for the mundane just floats away like a dandelion fluff in the wind. It feels like nothing you do will improve how you feel anyway, so why bother. Kind of like Eeyore is by his very nature.

Anger and irritability

Everything gets your wound up and in no time at all. You are quick to slice with words and could not be bothered if it hurt. It feels like everyone and everything is in your way and it makes you mad.

Lack of sleep

You will find that no matter how tired you and your heart are, there will be no rest for you. None of that deeply required unbroken sleep. Awake in the middle of the night with nothing to do and no explanation of why you are awake.

Letting out emotions

I am a crier, there is no shame in that at all. I cry when I am happy when I am sad and even when I am angry or tired. It is my way of dealing with big emotions. If you find the waterworks being turned on at the idea of something, take note.

Time to take a step back

It is time to allow your heart and soul to rest. They need it too, this is how I get in check with myself again.

  • Post-it notes on the wall of self-love notes or motivational quotes.
  • Get out in nature, walk on the beach or walk with your bare feet in the grass. This will undeniably make you feel better.
  • Talk to a friend, someone you can trust and maybe hang with them a little bit even if you stay flopped on a couch and they hold your hand.
  • Technology off. All of it. Put it off, switch the Wifi off, switch your phone off. Check out of the rat race and just be in a quite space with some fresh air. Go for a walk if you can, get that trusted confidant to drag your butt out the house.
  • Listen to a guided meditation, I find that when I am feeling like this, I like being told what to do, as I am a natural leader and do not normally like being guided or told what to do. Fragile me, like other people calling the shots though.

Take Care of yourself, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

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