Traveling Flakes

We are going on holiday; well we will be once we have the visas. Being from South Africa I need a visa to get in just about anywhere. My boyfriend lives in Australia, it is really far away and my daughter and I are preparing for a trip to see him in a few weeks time. Excitement levels are high from all parties concerned. This will be my first international trip in 20 years and my daughters first. I am hoping to install a love for travel and adventure in her little self. All the paperwork has been done, all documents are accounted for and now we wait. Once the Visa’s are approved, we will be will book tickets and be jetting off.

I will not lie there has been stress and some nerve-wracking moments, the amount of paper required is insane. Among all of this, I needed letters from my doctors to prove what medication I use, what steroid ointments I use and what pain killer I require to function on a day to day basis. Given that I need to get through a border that takes drug issues very seriously I have been extra careful to take all the precautions I need to, every tube has a paper and permission slip.

Creature comforts

No lies to be told, I am nervous about being so far away from my creature comforts of home. I have access to everything that I need here and I know where to get what. The idea of being in a foreign country and not knowing my way around is scary. Even though I will have a local with me who will help sort me out. Guess I am just used to doing this all on my own. Only so much can be packed up in a suitcase and shipped along.

What to take

When your space is limited and you have to consider all these things. The big question is what you take with and what do you leave behind. We are heading to the tropical side of the country, which is a climate I am unaccustomed to. Given that my skin is weather triggered I am feeling very nervous.  I have packed topical ointments and pain medication and I am honestly not sure what else I am supposed to take with. My darling boyfriend will see some things for me on that end too. I am lucky enough that he wants to help.

The long road

For the actual trip, there will be 2-4 airports involved and lots of hustling and bustling. I have chosen cool and easy on the skin fabrics for what I will travel in. Guessing with the long times sitting, therefore, I am going to need to get up a few times on the way there. My psoriatic arthritis aches at the thought of sitting for so long. Some topical ointments for on the plan and a million things to keep my toddler busy. In turn hopefully, my stress levels will be down.

Travel tips and tricks

Do any of you have any amazing tips or tricks for traveling with sore skin and grouchy joints? Please do share them with us. What could I pack for onboard relief and even take with to the final destination?

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