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The Many Reasons for Not Getting Treatment

I have had psoriasis for 55 years and have started coming across people who don’t want treatment for their disease. This is a rather strange and usual topic, however, there are many with psoriasis that refuses treatment. I have personally engaged in full conversation with many of them. My question is why would you refuse treatment? I will dive right on into it. I discovered several reasons why people don’t want treatment.

Letting fear stop you

The number one reason I heard was fear. People are more afraid of the side effects versus the treatment itself. They would rather walk around uncomfortable, scaling and miserable than to be treated because of the unknown of the awful side effects that they have no control over. I have had people tell me that they are fearful that their condition will become worse than it is now. Therefore they make a decision not to take something that can help them. My take on this is that it’s very sad for the one with psoriasis who won’t accept treatment. I have lived with psoriasis every day for 55 years and if left untreated it would be ten times worse than what it is now. We all have the right to make our own decisions.

Having trouble trusting doctors

Reason number 2 is because they hate doctors and don’t trust them. None of us love going to any doctor. There are many people no matter how sick they are don’t trust doctors. They won’t take prescription medications no matter the pain. They might take aspirin or some over the counter medication. There are actually people who have no trust in doctors or medications. I know it’s almost unbelievable but it is true. I have met and talked to some of these people.

I think this is a big problem in the United States that doesn’t get enough attention. This really concerns me. We have to learn to trust people because that lack of trust can be very harmful to us in so many ways. I will use myself as an example. Without medication, I would be covered in scales from head to toe and not to mention be in a lot of pain. Remember psoriasis is more than a skin condition. We have to heal the outside as well as the inside.

The choice to keep working

Reason number 3 – Someone actually said this to me. I’m really sick; I just don’t look sick, why can’t I get my disability social security benefits because they are there for me to use? I am considered disabled. If the medical community deems they are sick enough to get help, then I guess it’s ok to go that route. I cannot judge anyone.

My doctors put me on full disability at the age of 40, but I made my choice to want to work. There are people out in this world who would rather avoid medical treatment so that don’t have to go to work. If you chose to that; it is on you. I have always wanted to get treatment for my psoriasis so I can live the best life that I choose to. I knew if my psoriasis had not been treated it would be impossible to work because it was that bad.

Medication troubles

Reason number 4 – There is no use. There are people who feel that medication is a waste of time and don’t want to take time to go to doctor appointments or take medications on a daily basis. Some people have been on so many different drugs that have not helped them, or the side effects are too much to bear. There are some medications that can physically and mentally drain you. I’m not going to get into the financial aspect of how it can tear you down either.

Decisions about your quality of life

Finally, the last reason was that they are okay with their disease. They have no reason do anything differently. It is what it is. Some of these reasons are out there but I want the community to realize that fear is real. Trusting is okay and you can live a life of better quality. I want and will live the best quality of life that I can. I want comfort in my life and most of all respect from others. When we get a disease we have to adapt and embrace the changes as they come and many will come. Is there a right or wrong way in how you live your life? That decision is up to you; but I believe as long as you’re happy at the beginning and the end; that’s what matters the most.

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