Psoriasis at Work

Are there specific rules as for how you should deal with your skin at work? Should you notify prospective employers of your condition.

Okay, so now you have the job, how do you deal with the side glances from fellow employees?  How do you react to snide remarks and comments? Last but surely not least, what is the deal with personal hygiene at work?

Starting the conversation

For me personally, this is a bit of a grey area. I think common sense should rule this one. If you work in the food or medical industry then yes you should be telling them, why you may ask? Well I just think if you are possibly going to shedding at some stage, it needs to be managed well and you might need their help with this.

For everything else, just think about it and make the call. I mean if I went for my job interview and said, oh well my skin is clear now, but in a few months I may look like hell. I may also have a really grouchy disposition and be in pain 24/7. I can imagine them saying something along the lines of don’t call us, we will call you.

It is almost as if the extra baggage of your disease somehow outweighs your work ethic, skill level, and everything else for that matter. This is a tragedy for me.

Start with honesty

You get the job, you are over the moon excited. You start off well, and you are happy, making your mark and even maybe making some works along the way. Winter is coming and so is the flare, as always you wear those spots proud.

After all, you have nothing to be ashamed of. Once or twice you catch the glances and the side glares. Now I do not know what you would do, I am a straight shooter, I am honest but respectfully so and would address each person one by one and explain what it is.

Share that psoriasis is not contagious and share your whole story. It is helpful for them to know that some days I am just cranky cause it hurts and not because I am actually the ice queen.

There is nothing to be ashamed of

Keep your space clean, if you are in flare and sprinkling that magic everywhere, be sure to wipe up your desk and chair and have the floor vacuumed according to how much skin is going down. This is nothing to be ashamed of, and it is not because someone is going to think you dirty.

I just feel that it is respectful and if people see how you treat yourself. They will have guidelines on how to treat you.

I keep some anti-itch cream at work and some standard moisturizer so that If I turn in to an elephant skin woman over lunch break. I can lather my arms up, and just feel better about myself. If I feel better about myself and my skin, my day goes smoothly.

Don't let anyone treat you different

Alternatively you can just choose to hide it away, but I am all for taking any opportunity to empower psoriasis sufferers and educate the good people out there.

Stand tall and stand proud, do not allow anyone in your workplace, or anywhere else for that matter to bully you or treat you differently because of your skin.

You are beautiful, you are strong and you are worthy.

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