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Handling rude remarks and stares

The uncomfortable stares, the rude remark that people can make about your skin. How do you deal with bullies?

  1. The uncomfortable stares, I can still deal with as over the years I have learnt to either ignore them, or look right back at the people and smile. Just to be sure that they know I see them. Remarks, I am yet to master how to be calm about this.My reaction varies depending on the day and the tone of the remark. I will always try and handle it with grace and educate them. This does not always work out this way and I land up snapping at people. - Clair

    1. As my psoriasis areas are pretty much covered up, I've never had a rude comment or stare, but I can imagine the uneducated comments.

      To be fair, for someone who doesn't know the nature of a condition, it becomes the focus of the interaction, just to somewhat ease the tension. "So, I guess typing is a challenge without that finger?", or, "So, are stop signs and grass the same color for you?" People deal with the awkwardness differently. Some are innocent enough, but others are just... I'll just say "jerks", here. "Smug".

      It is hard to ignore the ignorant, ironically, but they're easy to baffle with, "Well, you know what Schrödinger said about egoism, amirite?", and walk away, just to mess with them.

      Basically, it's not about me and my psoriasis, it's about them and their a) ignorance, and b) their willingness to understand.

      You want to understand? Sure, I'll explain.

      You wanna be a jerk? Sure, I'll mess with your head, because it obviously doesn't have much else to do.

      For me, as a caring person, it's not easy to dismiss someone, but when the negativity and ignorance is overwhelmingly obvious, I turn my back and move on to the good things in my life.

      1. Hello , thank you for sharing. It is very difficult to ignore a rude comment or a stare. I am so glad you hear that you can turn your back and move on to the good things in life. Thank you for your story, I think many people will benefit from reading this.
        Jill, Community Moderator

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