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Nose and mouth dryness

I have really dry skin around my nose, inbetween my eyebrows, mouth and chin. It gets really flaky. I’ve tried horticortizone cream but it seems to make it red and worse? Not sure if it’s supposed to get like that? What else could be good for it?

  1. Hi @latinachild, Thanks for reaching out about your dry skin, this is definately a common symptom for people with psoriasis. Have you checked in with your doctor about the horticortizone you've been using? Since it's not making your skin feel better, I would definately check in with a dermatologist about this cream in case there is a different cream to try.

    Have you tried any home remedies, such as coconut oil? I'm including an article here that may help in the meantime:

    I hope this helps and you're able to find a solution for your dry skin. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help. Sending love your way! Best, Sarah, Team Member

    1. Love it, I have a scheduled check up this week and I will share this ove to my doctor. Thanks for your input! You are very helpful!

      1. I hope you do feel okay now.

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