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Scalp Psoriasis: Short Hair Clair

For many years, my scalp psoriasis has been under control. It may be a taboo topic, but hair dye has been my best friend. This approach made my scalp manageable and often kept plaques away for months at a time. Alas, as they say, all good things must end.

My scalp psoriasis has been very badly behaved of late and is resistant to any treatment. Menthol shampoo brings a wonderful but temporary relief. However, the build-up is there, and I am unsure what to do with it. This has left me to find a new way of treating my scalp psoriasis.

A shorter haircut would have to do

This new predicament has left me with a rather large dilemma. What I'd like to do is shave my hair off and just treat my scalp with my favorite topical ointment. However, this requires a kind of bravery that I do not possess.

Having long hair that hangs down to the middle of my back is kind of what it has been for a long time. So if I was not willing to shave it, I decided that a shorter haircut would have to do.

Treating psoriasis on the scalp can prove to be very tricky. One of the main aggravations for me is the constant "dandruff" look and pulling the dead skin flakes out of my hair. To some, this might sound superficial, but to those who get it, well, you guys, just get it.

We have people staring at us because of our skin anyway - our anxiety levels are up, and the stress factor increases. You can bet your bottom dollar if there is a way to make this easier. I am going to give it a try.

Time to go to the hair salon

Shorter hair, Clair. Cut your hair shorter. Not off, but you do not need to shorten it up to treat your scalp better. My voice of reason decided: that it was time to go to the hair salon. Time to cut these locks and get a more manageable and treatable hairdo.

Finding a hairdresser that understands and does not make you feel uncomfortable is absolutely key. Speak to them about your scalp psoriasis before you visit for your appointment. Make sure that they understand and that they have a stylist who is willing to work with you.

I have been very fortunate in this department and have an amazing stylist who understands and empathizes with me. Throughout the process, she checked in with me and never once made me feel uncomfortable.

Has this improved my scalp psoriasis? Yes!

Snip, snip, and my hair fell to the floor, from a beloved long mid-back length hair to a short cut just under my ears, bob style. Cutting long hair is always a strange feeling. Feeling usually fall somewhere in between relief, excitement, and "what have I done?"

My stylist added some shape and was incredibly excited about the big change for me. We added some red hair color to try to control the psoriasis on my scalp. And maybe cover up some of those greys that seem to be making such a grand appearance.

I absolutely love my new haircut. It is light and easy to wash and dry. As for my scalp psoriasis, it is still there. However, treating it and combing the dead skin out is a much lesser task. So, all in all, for me, this was a great move.

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