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A collage of various torsos with plaques covering sensitive areas. There are two grimacing faces in the corners.

How to Handle Psoriasis in Sensitive Areas

Psoriasis in sensitive areas is one topic that most people avoid. Sensitive areas to have the condition are not pleasant areas to discuss. When you notice it, you wonder what type of "rash" it is.

The itching can make you think of some unpleasant other options. Yeast is a sensitive topic that it could be. How about the cracking? Bleeding? Pain? Feeling of being burned when you urinate?

The whole body effect of psoriasis

Psoriasis is definitely an equal opportunity disease when discussing options on your body. There are no sacred places. From scalp to toes to everything in between! Yes, this includes breasts, vaginal areas, penal areas, and buttocks. All those places we feel guarded to discuss with anyone else.

What are you supposed to say to your doc? "So, um, I got this issue..." or "Hey my who who is hurting, burning, cracking?" What in the world are they going to think?

What if this is something more? Can my partner get it? These are all NORMAL questions. You feel better when you get some answers.

Discussing genital psoriasis with the doctor

Yes, I have the condition in these sensitive places. At first, it is scary. I feel ashamed and felt like it is a dirty secret. My primary doctor is a great guy, but do I really want to talk about this? 

I finally built up the courage and said, "Doc, is it normal to get itchy, flakes that kind of look like my psoriasis down there?" I was so beet red I could probably out glow Rudolph's red nose!

He smiled, "I will have to take a look for sure. I want to be sure it's not a yeast infection or combo of the two, but absolutely it is possible." Aside from glowing red, I do feel relief! I am not the only one to deal with this.

A dermatologist opinion on genital psoriasis

My doctor is awesome and he told me that he wanted me to seek the opinion of my dermatologist too. Next, I scheduled the appointment. Here is the day of reckoning... more discussion of my genitals!

My doc is a woman and she seems pretty cool. "Doctor Stephanie, I have to ask you some questions. I am really nervous and shy about this. My primary told me that psoriasis can form on your genitals. Is that true?"

Doc Stephanie smiles politely. "Yes, Melissa, it is. It can be itchy, scaled, sting, burn, hurt in general. You should be careful during sexual relations because of infection. Friction often bothers it too. Your partner will not get it. Like all other practices, condoms keep you healthier."

Relief to have answers to my sensitive questions

My relief is tremendous and I am happy I got the courage to ask. Learning about caring for myself and ensuring safety was a key thing for me. The doctor assures me that using steroid creams is not the best idea as they thin your skin and cause the area to bleed.

Scabs can make it difficult for males to urinate and keep track of their aim. Being a woman I did not think about this, but it makes sense. Using mild or natural Ph 7 balanced cleaning agents and nonabrasive cleaning is best. She tells me to keep up on my doctor's appointments and report changes.

Doctors can help with these uncomfortable questions

When I started this journey, I was a shy very private person. My goals now are to inform and help others. While I realize that not everyone is comfortable being as open as I am, it is to your benefit to learn about your health.

Doctors need to know when you are uncomfortable and scared. They are there to teach you and help your health. The most amazing part of my being scared...I lived to tell about it!

I hope my experience helps you to feel better about yourselves? Is there anything else you want to discuss with your doctors?

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