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A Skincare Package: A Psoriasis Awareness Month Giveaway

Last updated: August 2022

The Psoriasis Awareness Month Giveaway is now closed. Thank you for your interest!

Psoriasis has a significant impact on quality of life. One piece of psoriasis management that has a really big impact? Skincare routines. When it comes to psoriasis skincare routines, they are as unique as the person performing them.

Constant skincare management is the reality of daily life with chronic psoriasis. This Psoriasis Awareness Month, we want to recognize and raise awareness of this disrupting chore with a special and supportive giveaway – a Skincare Package.

What's included in the Skincare Package Giveaway?

We are totally aware that what works for one person may not work for another. Our approach was to put together something that would be beneficial and impactful for everyone. What does our unique giveaway include?

A jar of coconut oil!

The moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties of coconut oil can help treat psoriasis plaques directly. It also may help reduce skin redness and swelling. The use of coconut oil for psoriasis may not be limited to the skin on the face or body. You may also apply it to the scalp to loosen the scales and relieve the itching.


Vaseline is a topical emollient with moisturizing and soothing properties that can alleviate psoriasis irritation, redness, and discomfort. Emollients are ointments that nourish and hydrate skin to trap moisture with a water protective barrier. They help to reduce the itching and plaque build-up caused by psoriasis.

A lotion applicator!

Applying coconut oil, vaseline, or your favorite moisturizer can be difficult and exhausting. A lotion applicator can help reach the more difficult areas of your body while giving your joints and muscles a rest. In addition to making your routine more effective, a lotion applicator can also make it less frustrating!

$50 Amazon gift card!

There are an overwhelming number of skincare products out there. But you know what you and your skin prefer. We hope that providing a $50 Amazon gift card will ease the burden when it comes to restocking your favorite skincare products!

For a chance to win the Skincare Package Giveaway:

Our Skincare Package is waiting for you! Please follow the directions below, and thank you for committing to raising psoriasis awareness.

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    One skincare routine at a time

    Skincare routines require products selected, built, and modified for one person. They usually include several products, and they tend to be applied multiple times a day. Psoriasis and skincare management take up not only considerable mental space but time throughout the day at different parts of the day. It is an inconvenient necessity.

    Thank you for being alongside us as we aim to eliminate the stigma and raise awareness of this chronic condition – one skincare routine at a time.

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