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Psoriasis and Socializing

Let me get one thing clear. Have I ever avoided a social situation because of a bad psoriasis flare? Yes, I have. But having been through some of the worst patches in my life, I’ve come to realize that I shouldn’t have, and I have made a pledge going forward never to miss out on or cancel social plans because of this condition.

Don't cancel plans because of a flare

For me, the reason why I missed socializing or I canceled plans was mainly because I was worried about the visibility of the condition and other people’s reactions, stares or comments. This was a big issue for me. My psoriasis was pretty bad during my teenage years and throughout my days at university, but slowly, as I’ve got older, I’ve come to realize that it didn’t need to be this way.

So, I’m telling you, if you’re going through a flare and thinking of canceling your social plans: don’t. Psoriasis is a common condition affecting millions of people around the world. Some people have it barely noticeable and it doesn’t cause much of a negative impact on their life. Others, however, have it everywhere; it’s noticeable and pretty horrible to deal with.

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Driving myself forward

But you need to keep telling yourself a few things. The first is psoriasis isn’t contagious. You cannot pass it on and no-one can ‘catch’ the condition from you. The second is it’s going to persist throughout your life as you have the gene. It may seem like an inconvenience but you need to get used to it as it’s not going to go away when you want it to. The third is it’s not a massive deal, actually. When I was first diagnosed I did think my life was over. I thought people would reject me and I would never live a happy life. But none of that has been true, and while I’ve suffered with my mental health, I have tried to persist and drive myself forward.

If you’re finding it hard to live with psoriasis and want to cancel social plans, not see friends or withdraw from family members, consider seeing a therapist or chat through how you’re feeling with someone you trust. These people can help you see your situation differently.

Show your patches with pride!

So, if you’re thinking of going out to a club tonight, to see friends at a restaurant or your mum is organizing a social gathering at her house, go along. Go along. Go along. Show your patches with pride and rock that look you’ve always wanted. Thinking of donning a dark top instead of a light one because you want to be brave and you’re no longer worried about flakes falling on to it? Do it! If it’s warm, are you thinking of wearing a short-sleeve t-shirt to show off your arms? Do it!

Don’t let other people’s reactions, stares or comments put you off from being yourself and having a great time. Your happiness matters and people don’t realise the struggle you’ve had to get to this point. Wear your attire with a gleaming smile and enjoy wherever you’re going. Have fun, life is short.

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