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Psoriasis: A Sorrow Of Pain Or A Source Of Gratitude?

That girl with psoriasis is here again! Yeah, you read that right, I called myself the "girl with psoriasis". Do you sense a change in my tone? It changed years ago when I started embracing myself and telling myself “Girl, you got this”. There was a time in my life when I never said the word psoriasis.

You must be curious about how this change happened to me. Let me share one of my journeys on this psoriasis road that started with sorrow end ended with gratitude. I used to take walks all alone. This is how I felt at one point in my life; alone.

It started with a quiet walk

One evening while walking, I saw a young boy pass by me in his wheelchair. He took the time to smile and wave at me. This shook me a little. Unknowingly, I smiled back which I have not been doing at all and it felt good.

I decided to go to the park where I saw a happy family in the park. They were having a great time.  This must sound like a typical moment to you. Parents caring and loving their children but for me, it was a signal. I will explain this later.

But that again made me smile. After a walk for about thirty minutes in the evening, I saw a beggar sitting in a corner. He was eating a slice of bread with a smile on his face. This made me look at him twice, why was he smiling? This time I smiled to myself.  I felt a calmness over me.

Finding gratitude when I could

Let me tell you how it all happened. When I saw that boy in his wheelchair, I felt grateful for having the ability to walk anywhere. When I saw that family I felt grateful. My family was loving and supportive which I chose to ignore daily. When I saw that beggar, I felt grateful for having every luxury in life without having to struggle for it.

I gave it a thought and realized that I had all the luxuries, love, and support that I need. I cannot just stay focused on the only thing that is bad in my life. Yes, I have psoriasis, but that does not define who I am, or who you are either. I was ignoring tons of blessings in my life just because of one misery. Just start enjoying life and empowering myself more.

Life can be beautiful, if we choose to see it

I have always felt alone, but I had parents who loved me and a couple of close friends. An instant realization hit my mind that I was not alone. I have support, love, people who care but just didn’t have the right eyes to see it. I kept ignoring my support for years.

Now, with my major realizations, I felt empowered, supported, and blessed. I feel the need to express gratitude to myself, my parents, and everyone who is my support on this journey.

In the end, I would just like to tell you all that life is beautiful. Acknowledge what you have, ignore what you don’t have. Cherish the moments of life with loved ones. I have had psoriasis for 56 years, so I have learned a little something along the way.

Your happy psoriasis girl signing off for now.

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