How to be Thankful with Psoriasis

I have been around the block a few times now and one of the great things I have learned in life is that having a good attitude, a grateful heart, and laughter are the best things for the soul. We need to have our mind, body, and spirit in harmony when we spend our time in gratitude, rather than complaining.

Staying positive around the holidays

I have had 60 holidays and I know that these times are meant for enjoying family, friends, rest and reflection. There are plenty of people with and without psoriasis who spend their holiday season stressed out, overspending and depressed. For people living with psoriasis, this is a recipe for disaster. Could it be we have the wrong perspective and set ourselves up for failure? Maybe we just need to stop trying to impress others and think of more meaningful ways to spend the holiday season.

Starting the new year right

I have learned to go into the new year happy and with a good attitude. Why do you want to go into a new year worn out and resenting the season altogether? I want to enjoy each day, each memory and remind myself there is plenty to be thankful for. Keeping a good attitude while living with psoriasis is challenging but when we realize that most people are suffering through something, we can stop pitying our situation and look to empathize with others. There is plenty to be thankful for if you stop for a moment, quiet the noise of your life and just breathe.

Staying thankful

Here are some of the things that I am thankful for after being on this earth for six decades. It’s good to be alive and have talks with family and friends. I have a wonderful husband who is a former marine. I like hearing stories he has to tell. There’s nothing like having a massage and listening to some good music. I loved old western movies and a good cup of coffee and my new puppy Flappy. I love traveling, reading a good book and praying. One of the most rewarding things for me is meeting so many people in support groups and organizations over the years. I have made some lifetime friends who have been amazing on this journey.

Helping people is a given for me. I’m thankful that I can make people smile. So many people have told me how much I brighten up there day. This makes me feel good. I have pain in my body all the time. I have psoriasis, psoriatic arthritis and fibromyalgia, but I never let these diseases take away my ability to be kind to everyone.

Coping through kindness

If you have any type of chronic disease you know how the world made us feel at one point in our life. I was at my lowest one time, but this disease made me kinder and want to help others. The holidays are here, don’t stress and get upset; you will lose the whole meaning of what the holidays are about.

Take this time to make someone else happy. I’m good at playing it forward. Probably a little too generous. My acts of kindness have been to buy someone’s groceries or buying a cup of coffee. I’m the person who will send you a card just to say hi or send an anonymous gift card. So, the next time you get a gift or a card in the mail with no name; just think of me. You can always be thankful for something.

Happy Holidays!!

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