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The Dog Days Of Summer Are Back

I'm a history lover - and as a writer, I appreciate old sayings and words. In historical times, the Greeks and Romans believed that the "dog days" were two stars aligned, creating such heat that it could cause fever or even natural catastrophes.

Well, in the summertime, living with psoriasis is the catastrophe. Our days here in the South have already gotten into the 90's - meaning the "dog days of summer" are back.

Summers in the South are brutal.

On days when the sun is out, we can see anywhere from 90 to 100+ degree days on average. Even wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts, which is what I wear, is not enough to stay cool when the temps are that high.

A fan does nothing but pushes the heat around you more. When it gets like that, the only real choice is to stay indoors with an air conditioner running at full blast. It's unfair - it's not what I like to do. I get tired of looking at the same 4 walls every day. However, it is what is best for my psoriasis.

When sweat meets psoriasis

In the off times I find myself out in the heat, I try to limit my outside time the best I can. Sweating is never good when it comes in contact with open sores that I have. It burns.

The sweat also makes my clothes stick to my psoriasis plaques. Trying to remove or peel fabric from my already painful skin makes those certain areas crack and bleed. It amplifies the misery. Unless I have to go out, I avoid wearing socks.

Can the sun help symptoms?

I have lived with psoriasis for a long time. There are a lot of articles about vitamin D and limited sun exposure that can improve psoriasis plaques. It also can improve your mental health.

I am an outdoor person. I always make sure to go outside in the summer in the early mornings or late, late afternoons. This allows me still to get the sun I need before or after the intolerable heat. A nice stroll looking at my flower gardens always makes me feel better, even for a little bit.

Mother Nature can be so unforgiving.

While I don't think the heat has anything to do with stars aligning, I do believe that staying cool is the order for me for the next three months. It makes me think of how the bears hibernate in the winter. I hibernate from the heat outside so that no sweat gets into my psoriasis.

Do I like it? The short answer is no. I would rather be outside doing whatever. However, the goal is to live in whatever form it takes to deal and live with psoriasis. I keep reminding myself that the dog days of summer will not last forever, and once again, I can be outside doing what I want to do.

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