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It’s Time To Prepare For The Sunny Season

Summer is just around the corner. Everything in the summer seems to revolve around going to the beach and preparing for that summer body. It does have to be said - not everyone is looking forward to this warm season.

For people living with psoriasis, summer is a double-edged sword. For most of us, the sun can have a distinctly positive effect on the skin. Sunbathing means exposing the skin to other people’s gazes. In summer, the lesions are difficult to hide from the curious glances of passers-by.

The importance of sun protection

Skin protection is another big consideration when spending time in the sun. I want to share a few tips and advice to find ways to enjoy and protect yourself during the summer months with or without psoriasis...

  • Don't be exposed to the sun between 10 am and 3 pm. This is when the radiation is strongest.
  • Gradually increase the length of sun exposure.
  • Use sunscreen with a protective factor.
  • Remember that UV rays pass through glass, clouds, water, thin clothing, sand and water.

Talk to your doctor about exposing your plaques to the sun can be insightful. They are the ones that understand your treatment plan and can provide advice on protective measures on how you can spend your summer days. Your doctor may also consider age, complexion, and hair color.

Let's talk treatment

People with psoriasis should resort to products that are intended for the care of overly sensitive skin. These creams can also play a very important role in moisturizing the skin. This is extremely important in the case of psoriasis. Applying moisturizers is important at all times and not only for sunbathing.

Dry summer air or air conditioning can lead to dehydration. The moisturizer will relieve itching and soothe flaky plaques. A small number of people with psoriasis, about 5.5% of them have a photosensitive type of disease. Sun exposure is not recommended.

It's all about comfort

Psoriasis sufferers should avoid direct skin contact with clothing made of artificial materials. Light and fluttery clothing will contribute to the feeling of comfort to the body. You should wear cotton underwear. Boxer shorts should be the first choice for men.

It's recommended that sandals and shoes should be made of leather. This material is more absorbent. It is important to maintain good foot hygiene that excessive sweating does not occur. Don’t forget the indispensable summer accessories like hats and sunglasses.

Shaving and depilation of skin with psoriasis

Psoriasis is not an obstacle to shaving or depilation of the skin. It is only necessary to follow certain instructions or methods of hair removal from certain parts of the body. 

Do you shave with a razor or electric shaver? I don't do either to remove hair on the hands and feet. I also have tried permanent hair removal for parts of the body that are very sensitive.

Let's enjoy summer!

With a little extra effort, people with psoriasis can enjoy a carefree summer. I know I am. The summer months and the beauties that this season brings us. Come on psoriasis warriors, let's enjoy this summer, no matter what.

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