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Psoriasis Support: Find Your Tribe

Last updated: November 2019

Bruno Mars has a song that goes something along the lines of “I would catch a grenade for you…”.

Now I am pretty sure that there is going to be a serious consequence to the literal version of this. The figurative version has a lot more going for it in my opinion.

You should surround yourself with people who would support and catch those grenades for you. Most of us find this pretty hard to do, as we often think of ourselves and our skin as a burden. It does not have to be this way.

"Tribe" is a supportive community

Life is a journey of varying destinations and we all take different roads. There are times when we want to walk alone and times when we may not choose to walk alone but we find ourselves there anyway. Along this path, we need to cherish the times when we are not alone.

May those stretches of your path be long and beautiful. May you find your tribe, the ones that will love you at your worst and celebrate with you at your best.

Lately, the word tribe has become rather popular. Some people think it could be offensive to those who live and operate in tribes globally. In my world, it is a revered term, it hangs heavy with respect and love and acceptance. It is framed by memories of laughter and quiet moments of hardship. Composed of people who are filled with love, support and pure hearts.

Find your people

Oh, you don’t just find your people. They find you. It is in the one perfect moment the world is harmonious and in sync.

For me, it was when an accidental group of people came through over a weekend of camping, campfires and walks in the woods. It turned out to be the best thing ever. It can also be having someone a thousand miles away and despite the distance continues to one of the most active people in your daily life (thank you technology).

When these people found me, I found myself surrounded by human beings who I'm convinced are totally amazing. So amazing in fact I am left wondering if they are human at all. These are the people I would go to war with and for.

Psoriasis support

You might be wondering what this has to do with my skin or my arthritis. Well, everything. After spending years cutting people out of my life who have made me feel less than because of my skin, I've started spending time with people who don't even notice my condition or plaques.

I am currently in meltdown mode with a terrible winter flare that hasn't even reached its peak yet. My skin is red, blotchy, full of sores and marks. Generally, this is a time when people steer clear of me and my skin - a time when I get all the funny looks with a gazillion questions and suggestions.

A tribe that makes all the difference

For the days that we were away, there was not one question, suggestion or remark. There were moments when I did not think about my skin at all. There were no feelings of self-consciousness and no crying quietly in the dark.

Our friendships have strengthened and all of us feel the same sense of tribe and family. These are the friends that will stick around for life. They are the people who make you a better person just by being around them. They are also the people who made me believe again, in the power of no judgment and in love so pure it could truly heal the world.

Find your tribe and love them hard!

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