The Not So Happy, Happy Hour

I have been in the so-called corporate world for over 30 years now. The one thing that never changes is happy hour. It’s a time for co-workers to let loose, be themselves and laugh at the world.

Connecting alcohol and psoriasis

We girls become best friends for a few hours, couples go to happy hour to release the stress of their daily life. There are those that come for the cheap drinks and others come to just feel free.

But if you’re like me, and have psoriasis and realize that alcohol is your enemy...what do you do to stay in with the crowd?

The impact on medications

The reality for me is having psoriasis and drinking alcohol just was not a good option. There are a multitude of reasons for me not to drink and the biggest one was mixing medication and alcohol.

Some psoriasis medications are already detrimental to your liver. Alcohol is known to deteriorate the liver, so if you drink it’s like a double whammy to your organs. Research has found that some people with psoriasis may also have non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

These findings show that people with psoriasis should limit or eliminate alcohol from their diets. This may help reduce the damage to your liver.

The impact on inflammation

I have noticed that when I did indulge every now and then, that my psoriasis would worsen. My symptoms would make my outbreaks seem more severe. Alcohol dehydrates the body from the inside out.

This is why when you get a hangover they suggest you drink plenty of water. People with psoriasis need to keep moisture in their skin, but alcohol will take the moisture out, leaving your skin dry. In addition to all the negative things alcohol can do to your psoriasis and skin, it weakens your immune system. This makes you susceptible to a host of other problems. Another factor to consider is alcohol is a depressant.

If you tend to feel sad or battle depression, then you really don’t need to have a drink. This can increase your depression or lead to possible addiction. Any of these things can worsen your psoriasis and create a chronic state of inflammation.

Make your own informed decision

Everyone is different and if you absolutely refuse to avoid alcohol altogether, then you will have to test the waters and see which alcoholic beverage irritants your psoriasis the least. Beer is public enemy number one when it comes to psoriasis irritants for me.

However, some people have found red wine is tolerable. You must remember two important things if you decide to drink; drink plenty of water and consume alcohol in moderation. One or two drinks is all you should allow yourself and again drink lots of water!

So, the next time you’re invited to a happy hour you don’t have to sit in the corner watching all the fun go by; but you also shouldn’t become a regular at happy hour either. This means if the bartender knows your name, you might need to give yourself a break and take it easy on your system for a while.

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