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Throw Back: Psoriasis And My 2005 Prom


A look back

Do you remember your prom? For most teens, it’s a time to bring out their very best. Teens prepare all year long to celebrate for only a few hours on this special night. It’s a time for girls to feel like princesses and guys to feel like princes. It’s an exciting occasion that for most is unforgettable. I, on the other hand, was NOT looking forward to prom. I honestly dreaded it.

Dealing with psoriasis for all of my adolescence, I hid my psoriasis at all costs and avoided all things that required me to show some skin. I had honestly made up in my mind that I was not going to prom because I didn’t want to wear a dress exposing my body. Back in the early 2000’s it was more traditional for girls to wear sleeveless dresses. Although now, almost 10 years later, there are a variety of options for young ladies including dresses with sleeves.

Deciding to attend prom

It was spring 2005, and there was a lot of chatter about prom. Everyone was discussing what they were going to wear, the color themes, and who was going with who. I wanted to be a part of the conversation so bad and desired to be in the mix, but I kept telling everyone I wasn’t going, without giving a real reason.

Honestly, the talk from my friends around me really made me want to go. There were a variety of thoughts that flooded my mind, which included what could I find that would cover me up? Who would I go with? Why me? This sucks… I HATE MY SKIN (See how quickly that escalated). Now in hindsight, I realize I would often times have anxiety attacks about it, but at that time I didn’t know what I was experiencing.

Leading up to the big night

Well at the last minute I decided to go… and one of my good friend’s brothers asked if he could be my date (I’m sure someone put him up to that, lol). The process of picking out my dress was the worse. I remember trying dresses on and going to the fitting room in tears because I did not want to show my skin and all the dresses were sleeveless. It was an awful feeling. At that moment I felt less than… I was angry that I was suffering from this disease… And I wished I was a different person… one who didn’t have psoriasis.

Nonetheless, I choose a white dress because at that time David’s Bridal had long sleeve white jackets, which I planned on pairing with my dress. Later I discovered ordering the jacket would not be a possibility because it wouldn’t make it to my house in time for prom. So one on my aunts made me a thin white jacket to go with my dress, which you can see in the picture. I actually ended up having an amazing time and for once I had felt beautiful, although now looking back I cringe at my dress choice (lol).

Reflecting back on my prom

Years later I was in my feelings and crying to my ex about how ugly my dress was and my experience with prom and living with psoriasis… He looked at me, smiled, and said… “Aww… There were lots of people with ugly dresses and they didn’t have psoriasis, so what was their excuse?” I cracked up laughing and the tears disappeared, he was SO right.

How did your prom make you feel? Did you have psoriasis at that time? Share your prom story with us!

Contribter Alisha's prom photos from 2005

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