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Take The Time You Need

It's so easy with the hustle and bustle of life to get pulled into a whirlwind. Almost daily we face responsibilities to work, family and friends  We sometimes even overcommit to groups or organizations we are involved in because our heart is in the right place. In all of it, sometimes it can become overwhelming. This could really be counterproductive to you trying to maintain peace within yourself and keep your flares away. Recognizing when it may be time for you to pump the breaks and reset is critical.  It can help so that you are not contributing to any unwanted plaques popping up from stress.

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Recognizing you're overwhelmed

More often than not, our body tells us and gives us signs that we may be doing too much. We may feel increased fatigue, be irritable or literally feel anxious. Sometimes it all manifests into a full out flare, this is something I have experienced first-hand. Trying to do it all, and not asking for help for some may seem like strength. For those of us living with a chronic illness, it's ok to know that there is more strength in acknowledging a need for help. We run the risk of impacting our health by not listening to the signals our bodies are giving us.

The first thing we should do is give ourselves permission to accept help. If you are exhausted, achy, etc. acknowledge it. I have definitely gotten better at this, and it took time. Trying to be superwoman was a no go for me. It wasn't until I literally could not get out of bed things shifted. With my skin burning, and my joints aching I had to accept that I was struggling. Having the conversation with my children about needing their help was something I did reluctantly. No one wants to alarm their children, but it was my reality. Since then, they have been very helpful and supportive whenever I need them.

You aren't weak

Often, we don't give ourselves credit for all of the things that we do on a regular basis, even while living with psoriasis. Because we may be able to handle a lot, when we can't we sometimes feel weak. I never really wanted anyone to feel like I had to depend on their help. I also never want to appear overly needy. Being forced to take a step back during tough flares introduced me to vulnerability. Eventually, I began accepting it all as I seen the support received from those who love me.

It's not weakness to ask for or acknowledge that you may need a break. We are human and don't function as an island alone to ourselves. We have people around us, and our community that can help support us. Some may say, I don't have anyone at all. That's when we can reframe our thoughts and even build our own community. Ultimately it still starts with acceptance that you are experiencing overload and may need assistance. Vulnerability can even show you differently that you may have more people in your corner than you realize.

Reset and recharge

Finding ways to reset and recharge when I need to help keeps me going. When I run myself to the ground, I literally have nothing to give, and it takes longer to get out of that space. Resetting looks different for everyone; for me sometimes it's literally uninterrupted sleep. The do not disturb function on my cell phone works wonders for this! Watching my favorite shows helps me decompress also. Asking my kids to contribute more to keeping the house organized is helpful. Being honest with my boss and saying I don't have the capacity to manage too many tasks at once has been amazing. Taking those PTO days to recharge, taking a walk or simply doing nothing are therapeutic.

Taking the time you need means so much. Prioritizing your needs will hopefully contribute to you feeling good and not experiencing to many of the symptoms we experience with psoriasis. Listening to your body is so important. You know your body best, so when you feel things are off you can begin to take control. Rely on your friends, family or community. If you don't have any build one. I'm always open to even being a support! Have you experienced times when you knew you had to take the time you need? What ways did you do that? I would love to hear and maybe even get some new things I could try.

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