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blueprints of a scalp brush

Should I Be Using A Scalp Brush?

I stumbled across a scalp massage brush on my most recent crusade to find more natural, healthier alternatives to help my scalp psoriasis. I spent such a long time caring for the psoriasis on my body but completely neglected the psoriasis on my scalp. Now, with the rest of my body fairly tamed, I decided to tackle my forgotten foe head-on.

This simple but significant tool is great to add to your scalp psoriasis treatment regime. You can easily find one for under $10 on amazon under "scalp massage brush". You don't need to buy a fancy name brand, a simple brush will do the trick. This purchase won't break the bank but it will break up the build up on your scalp.

What is a scalp massage brush?

A scalp massage brush is an easy-to-use tool that assists in the application and distribution of products onto the scalp. It not only helps to distribute products, such as shampoo and conditioner, but it massages your scalp and helps brush away some of those pesky flakes.
bristle view of a small round scalp brushthree quarter view of a small round scalp brush

What are the benefits of using a scalp brush?

  • For those of us struggling with scalp psoriasis, the brush helps to remove dirt and dead skin (bye, bye pesky flakes!) and distributes the body's natural oils which assists in eliminating dryness, itchiness, and flaking (it's a win, win, win!)
  • It enhances blood circulation on the scalp, which promotes healthy hair growth (who doesn't want more hair?)
  • It's a great little massager! If you purchase the right brush, the "bristles" should be made of a silicone type material. This was nice because it felt good but also it was gentle on my scalp, which was a bit raw from scratching and picking (guilty)
  • It's simple to use. There are no batteries or long poles. As someone who also has PsA, I am sometimes a bit fatigued and my hands ache, so it was nice to not have to put a lot of effort into this tool

What to look for in a brush

This uncomplicated tool doesn't have a lot of requirements. You can definitely opt for a more expensive, battery-operated, version but you don't need to. One without batteries will do the trick, just the same.

  • Check your handle. I recommend checking the handle of your brush. Some handles have a knob that slips between two fingers, some have a bar that you slip your hand through. Whatever is easier and more comfortable for you to hold.
  • Check your bristles. The bristles vary. I opted for silicone purely for comfort reasons. My scalp can get very tender, especially after an itchy evening. The silicone is a bit softer on those spots. They do come in other materials such as a harder plastic.
  • Check the price. If your brush isn't battery operated, it shouldn't cost you more than $10 with shipping.

How to use a scalp massage brush

After applying the product (i.e. shampoo, conditioner,.) to your hair, use the brush to massage it around your head gently for a few minutes. After you have completely covered your head, leave on until ready to rinse. Use the brush again when you are ready to wash the product out of your hair.

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