The Magic of Vicks Vaporub

Vicks is in an unassuming little blue pot and with a green lid, and has a modest label. It carries childhood memories for me, of being ill, while sleeping in my momma's bed to recover in the best way possible. The warmth and coolness, are experienced all at once when it hits my skin. Over the years, I have come to appreciate Vicks for so many more things and uses. In particular, when it comes to my psoriasis.

Who would have thought that this unassuming little pot could make such a difference?

Finding a new use for vicks vapo rub

A few years ago in a moment of sheer desperation, after having been up with itchy skin all night, I was wandering around my apartment looking for something to relieve my skin. By now, I had already had a warm bath with a soak and a cold shower to relieve the itch. Nothing was working.

Upon going through my medicine cupboard, trying to find the magic I needed, I came across my Vicks, and in a moment of, let's call it, irrational thought, I dug my fingers in and very liberally applied the Vicks vaporub all over of my psoriasis. Now I am not sure I have been clear about how much psoriasis I had at the time. It is important to note, that I had about 70% coverage. I went to town on my skin.

When too much is well, too much

So with immense vigor and small whispers on my kips and prayers of this helping. I applied Vicks vaporub to every single patch. Even the spaces in between the lesions. Soon enough it started to cool down and the itch was being relieved in some spaces. The problem came in when it did not stop cooling down and I had technically dipped myself in a Vicks pot. Within about 30 minutes I had dropped my temperature and I had started to feel rather ill. I had to warm my body up quickly too, to counteract the sudden drop in body temperature.

I quickly learned my lesson and have since used it, with much more moderation and mindfulness.

Under the nails

I also like to use Vicks on the psoriasis under my nails. I have been told that it may help to stop any fungus from growing, where my nails lift away from my nails bed, from the psoriasis. I can't say for sure if that is the case but what I can say is that since using it, I haven't received a fungal infection and my nails lift far off the bed. My nails, despite the psoriasis, are actually in very good condition since applying Vicks on a regular basis.

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Other uses for Vicks vapor rub

There is a list of things that Vicks vaporub is good for. From congestion to coughing, mosquito bites, and sore muscles. Its main use in my house is psoriasis itch remover. Other than that, I would love to hear if anyone in our community has any other amazing uses for Vicks vaporub.

Do you use it for your psoriasis too? If so, do you find it very helpful?

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