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I Want To Travel

I remember years ago when I was on my first biologic that I had to take weekly shots. I wanted to travel overseas but didn’t know if I could take the medication on the plane or how I would keep it safe.

I already have the battle of my condition and now this, but I found ways to help me cope with my disease and try and travel pain-free.

Making a list

I make a list well in advance of what I need to do to have a stress free trip.

My first order of business was to call the airline to see how I could safely carry my medications and how to keep them cold. They told me to contact my doctor who could give me an insulated bag packed with ice while traveling. They also said to pack the bag very carefully and remember to refrigerate the needles immediately upon arrival at your hotel.

They also inform me to get a doctor’s note saying I needed to have these medications, especially if I am taking an injection. Make sure all of your prescriptions are up to date and ask your doctor for written copies of your prescriptions in case you need an emergency refill while traveling with psoriasis. The note should include any important details in case you need to see a local doctor.

And checking it twice

Make sure you have your lotions and creams which you will need.

I always try and travel in the summer months when my psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis are under control and no signs of a flare. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. Be diligent about using sunscreen, applying it thoroughly and often. Avoid sunscreens with heavy scents.

I have noticed that the air on the plane is very dry and it will make sure skin very dry also, which causes you to scratch and itch. Drink lots of water so that you can stay well hydrated. If you itch a lot like I do, make sure to pack anti-histamines so you won’t scratch yourself to death.

If you happen to get any type of infections it can cause a psoriasis flare. If you take a biologic or drug for psoriasis, your infection risk may be higher. I would suggest washing your hands often, use a hand sanitizer, staying hydrated, and get enough sleep to keep up your resistance from infections. Try and stay away from sick people too.

It is good to keep stress to a minimum. Pack early, plan ahead of time, and listen to music to calm your nerves. If you are on a long flight, try and get up to stretch during the flight.
Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and that they are loose. You don’t want clothes that rub against you and bother your skin, cotton usually is the best.

Yes, we do have psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, but we can still travel and have fun. We have not been given a life sentence.

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