Monday to Sunday: Weekly Psoriasis Symptoms

One of the battles of having psoriasis is on any given week your symptoms could flare-up for a day and then subside, or they could rear their head for all seven days of the week. It can be such an unpredictable condition that impacts people so uniquely.

While psoriasis signs and symptoms can be different for everyone some common signs and symptoms of psoriasis include:


How many days in the past week has your skin been...?

In our, In America Psoriasis Survey, we asked participants about their experiences with skin-specific psoriasis symptoms. Flaking, skin irritation, and itchiness were the most common skin-specific symptoms that survey participants experienced over the past week. In looking at the frequency of those skin-specific symptoms more than half of the respondents who experienced flaking, irritated or itchy skin, experienced those symptoms all seven days of the week.

Percent of participants who experienced skin-specific symptoms all 7 days of the week

Flaking Skin
Irritated Skin
Itchy Skin
Cracked Skin
Painful Skin
Bleeding Skin


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