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Any suggestions for the plaque psoriasis and itching?

I've been on Otezla for about eight months now and it has helped with the arthritis in my hands and knees but has done nothing as far as the plaque psoriasis. Actually seems to be spreading

Any suggestions for the plaque psoriasis and itching?

  1. Hi Nodressforme, I just wanted to add to the great information from Richard, and share this article on itching with you: - it offers some suggestions for dealing with this. Itching can feel so relentless sometimes, I truly hope you are able to find some relief.

    Best wishes,
    Catherine, Community Moderator

    1. I had a nasty reaction to Ortezla, Was given the two week pack, broke out in huge red itchy areas with new spots everywhere....the Clobetazol and light treatment stopped working...but I found that simple Hydrocortizone ointment / prescription strength gave me some relief..and it was affordable...coming in a large container, enough to cover my entire body
      ...recommend it

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