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Winter Flares: Within Flares

My psoriasis flares are hugely affected by the weather. During winter months, things can get pretty out of hand for me. Every year, they seem to get a little more intense. This year I'd like to attempt to was keep it under some kind of control.

Due to the dry air, cold weather is pretty harsh on the skin and hair but especially for those with skin conditions like psoriasis. Winter weather drys out the skin, makes it hard to retain moisture, and can also be responsible for aching joints.

My skin, much like me, does not like to be controlled. It will certainly act out accordingly when forced to do things.

Surviving winter flares

Try to identify your personal weather-related psoriasis triggers so that you can try to avoid them. During the winter, try to expose your affected skin to sunlight regularly for short periods of time.

Routine and good eating habits have been a wonder for me this year. Healthy balanced meals and loads of water. Sticking to application times for my topical made a big difference. This helped me to manage major flares. No lies, I only slipped up once or twice and oh my, did I feel it within days. This was enough to remind me to get my behind into gear. Stay consistent, folks. It makes a welcome positive difference.

Avoid getting sick

Take any steps you can to avoid getting sick, especially during the winter, by hand washing, getting enough sleep, and reducing stress.

During the cold, dry winter weather some people find it helpful to use a humidifier to hydrate the air in their homes. It may be helpful to avoid long, hot showers. Moisturizing your skin more often with emollients or oils during the winter can also help to control symptoms.

The storm before the calm

You're reading that right. In true psoriatic fashion, we are mixing things up. I woke up a few mornings ago after a really good sleep. This in itself is a rare treasure. As I wandered past the mirror, I thought "Why is my face so red?" I backtrack and look at my sleepy self in the mirror.

I found myself the lucky winner of a whole collection of new psoriasis spots. Over my eyebrows, around the edge of my forehead at the scalp, my cheeks, and of course the eyelids are never to be left out. A deep sigh that emanates from the center of my soul passes my lips. Here we go again I tell myself.

Albeit like a kidney stone, this too shall pass. This flare will end. The African sun is waiting for me.

Do you have other methods to keep your skin it’s very best in the wintertime? Share your comments below.

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